Friday, June 21, 2013

Honda Cars sales in 2013

Honda Cars sales in 2013. At the beginning of this year honda car sales have increased, Jonfis Fandy marketing and aftersales service director PT HPM will improve service to customers honda throughout Indonesia.

At the close of last year was the country sakura car manufacturer is also incised the latest record in December of 2012 has made sales of 6117 units. With the largest number of all car sales contributed by new honda crv 2013, which accounted for 2551 units. Also as a note for honda suv is highly in demand in the first 4 months pasarang given after the launch of sales of this car touched the figure of 14 thousand units.

Next up is the car honda freed who donate sales of 1,842 units during the month of December last year. If the total owned honda's best selling MPV has tersjual as many as 50 thousand units of the first 4 years since its launch in Indonesia.

Latest city car Honda Brio in 2013 also contributed the proceeds in a little early this year. Given its popularity is on the rise as the new car that looks quite interesting, especially for mothers or career women who have high mobility. Total throughout 2012 honda brio has recorded sales of 8 thousand units.

Another model that is not less in demand is the Honda Jazz with sales of 77 units during December 2012. This figure clearly complement the Honda Jazz sales in 2012 amounted to 21,244 units.

Seeing some positive notes on the meaning of the brand consumers have trusted honda honda as the top choice because it is always an increase in sales. Furthermore the honda will promise in improving after-sales service new cars this 2013.

Cheap Used Cars Taxi choice

Cheap Used Cars Taxi choice. When you want to buy a car will definitely notice some considerations, one of which was the price and consumption of fuel or gasoline. You can drop the new car to a used car taxi because it is certain that the car's fuel consumption is chosen as the taxis are very economical. A fleet of taxi companies certainly want to hit as low as the low cost of operating a taxi is the use of fuel so chosen that the car has low fuel consumption levels.

Below is a selection of cheap taxi cars that you can buy to fill up a car garage in your home.

1. Honda Civic

Although the car is quite expensive on the market but not if you choose honda civic ex cab because the price difference would be quite striking if the car has become a used cab.

2. Vios Limo

This car is a favorite car for those who want to buy a used car taxi because the model is still good is not obsolete. Fuel consumption is also quite efficient with good performance typical car manufacturer Toyota.

3. Toyota Soluna

Toyota vios soluna limo is the generation before. But still there are some who use the taxi fleet cars toyota soluna. Advantage if you choose this car is the price is quite cheap compared to vios limo. May be related to approximately 20 million.

4. Hyundai Accent

Hyundai accent sedan has long been chosen by the company's fleet of taxis. Because the price is quite cheap and the performance does not disappoint.

To consider when choosing a used car is a taxi you should first check the car as a taxi car lauched use throughout the day to serve the consumer.

Choosing a Good Quality Used Cars Taxi.

Choosing a Good Quality Used Cars Taxi. Used car taxis usually be much cheaper price in the market because taxi image makes the price of the car down. But in terms of quality can not be doubted because if the car is selected as the fleet a fleet of taxi companies that definitely have more value on fuel consumption and endurance cars. Because you can imagine how mobility taxi car in the day to pick up and deliver customers to their destination.

There are several things that must be considered when you decide to buy a used car taxi. Because taxi car sold because it is considered less competitive with other fleets that have a new kind of taxi cars that look outdated and unattractive in the eyes of consumers.

Other more value when you decide to buy a used car taxi is highly skewed price than the original car that is not ex-taxi. Imagine you can have a used car limo taxi vios simply by setting up a budget of about 60-70 million dollars. While the market is still above the original price of 100 million rupiah.

Tips on buying a used car is checked first taxi from functional interior, the car body condition of porous or nonporous (still smooth), then the quality of the machine is maintained. Do not let you regret later for not careful in buying a car. It's good when you buy a used car or taxi you should not invite a friend or relative who understands the ins and outs of the car. So if there is incongruity in the used car you will buy will be detected earlier.

Car Damage Detection voice

Car Damage Detection voice. For drivers usually are not too concerned there are some sounds suspicious car out of the car when driving because the car can still run normally. Sounds suspicious to watch out for something odd could happen to your car and can lead to accidents. Or at least be able to prevent the car suffered severe damage and incur additional costs.

We recommend that if you hear an unusual noise when driving your car immediately take it to the nearest service station. Moreover flooded car considering now is the rainy season. So it sounds like the onset of rumble, squeal, hum is the thing that might happen. Therefore immediately take your favorite new cars in 2013 to the nearest service station.

Some Beep Detection Car Damage

1. Buzzing sound machine

The first step check the van belt may be too tight bond. And if this is allowed to lead this component can be broken so that the water pump and alternator (dynamo amperes) can not work well. After that the engine will experience overheating or heat. If you already like the chances of your car breaking down will be even greater. Additionally van belt loose state will also cause other suspicious sounds like a squeaking noise but has the same effect as if the van is attached belt too tight.

2. Voice buzzing in Wheels

This new sound is usually heard when the car is used in a high speed above 40 km / h. The thing to do is check the part of the foot front and rear of the car. Depending on the source of the buzzing wheel cars, if the sound of the front wheels then check out the car and vice versa. Chances of that happening are worn wheel bearings or wheel surface that is not flat anymore.

3. Noisy sound like Berubrukan Metal Objects In Front Of Car

This may appear or sound is detected when your car through the streets uneven or perforated. Check the main foot more cars on the tierod and rod end. Likelihood components in this section or has not been worn more precision.

4. Rough sound machine when AC Switched On

Check the air conditioning compressor, air conditioning compressor bearing possibility of faulty or problematic compressor oil (no leaks). If left unchecked will create damage to the compressor itself.

5. Rough sound like Metal Collide

Noise is common on cars that have a rear wheel drive like BMW and Mercedes Benz. The first step is to detect it by checking the propeller shaft (coupling), the possibility of cross-joint is worn condition could even be broken and need to be replaced with a new one. Besides causing rough voice, body vibrating car could have come too fast because the propeller shaft is no longer balanced.

Tips for Choosing Car Diesel Engines.

Tips for Choosing Car Diesel Engines. If you have limited funds sufficient to buy a car but really need the presence of a new car in the middle of your family. You can choose a used car to meet your needs in addition to affordable you can still meet the transportation needs that could be done by a new car. Next, you can choose a used car that uses diesel engines for cars with diesel engines typically have a lower price than gasoline engine cars. But there is some homework before you decide to buy a used car diesel, apasajakah it? we consider some tips on buying a diesel car below.

What should you do when you first buy a diesel car is noticed diesel fuel filter on the car. Most cars that have been used particularly when elderly, long lazy owners to pick a non-subsidized diesel fuel because it is more expensive. This resulted in a solar filter dirtier than usual.

The second is to check the condition of the machine. There are several things that must be considered is the check oil fill hole and press the gas the car you want to buy a car. If the piece is meant compression car fumes is not good. Further checks are issued if the exhaust fumes of black smoke and a little smoky stationary then the car is not worth considering for purchase.

If the first and second are already qualified the car well enough try to test drive the diesel-engined cars and check the condition of his feet. Especially the front foot car because the car has a diesel-engined car's weight is heavier than gasoline-powered cars. Try to drive the car on the bumpy road, if the suspension is comfortable and does not happen any sound of the car is enough to qualify for purchase.

The fourth task is to check the condition of the brake linings. Indeed, check the condition of the brake the car has been wont to do when you want to buy a used car. But for a diesel-engined car that weighs heavier cars usually faster in spending to brake the car.

If you've done all of the above points then last Langkat next is check the color of the car body and car whether there is corrosion or color fading. Usually cars that have black and silver has a higher selling price. Compared white car that has a lower selling price. If you've done everything you just some tips on caring for diesel engine cars. Congratulations for a used car diesel hopefully you get the car you want and avoid problems later on.

How to Take Care Car Paint Like New

How to Take Care Car Paint Like New. Paint car parts are most important to support the appearance of your new car. If your car paint look dull course the car was not pleasing to the eye and prestige can be decreased even though the car was brand new car in Indonesia. Whereas if you have a used car but the paint is still shiny like a new car in 2013 there will be a sense of satisfaction alone see your car yourself and others will agree with you. If we want this you have to take care of your cat's favorite car carefully so that no one treatment that causes the paint becomes dull. We see some of the tips below ca specialist car repair shop owner in Jakarta, Tomi Airbrush. Part windshield or wipers also support the appearance of the car then you need tips to clean the windshield.

Car Paint Care Tips To Not Easy Dull:

In time to avoid car washes from the sun because it can cause flex in the car
If using a car wash salt water, in trying to rinse with clean water (PAM) to prevent rust in the future.
It is recommended to periodically polishing should be done every week (using car wax)
Try to park in the shade as long as possible
Wash immediately if the painted surface exposed to gasoline
Do not wipe your car dry cloth - always use water
Avoid washing liquids / chemicals that are abrastif or use rough brushes (brushes in an automatic car wash machine can scratch the paint surface). Fix scratches on the paint surface as soon as possible to avoid rust.
Next up is painting treatment after your car repainted. There are two steps you must take to keep paint your car like new again. The first stage is for the first 30 days and the second stage is for the next 120 days.

30 Day One:

Wash the car by hand, using water only
Avoid parking under trees, as it can be exposed to the sap or bird droppings which can then damage the paint (rinse as soon as possible).
120 Day One:

To get rid of dirt and mud that sticks to use gentle liquid soap - do not use detergent.
Do not polishing / waxing your car within 120 days.
It was a few tips and tricks to keep your car's paint to be like new again. The success of the above tips will certainly depend on your own as a car owner. Hopefully can make your car look more yahud with a shiny paint.

How to Overcome Late Car Oil Change

How to Overcome Late Car Oil Change. Sometimes we forget to pay attention to their own vehicles that we use. There are many reasons for this, the time is usually pretty busy and feeling lazy to take care of your favorite car. Included in the business affairs menggani car oil change oil when the car is very important that the condition of your new car in 2013 was always healthy and not easily damaged.

Oil is now generally replaced if it is a distance of 10,000 km. If telambat about 1,000-2,000 miles no problem, the only dirty just the engine. Also carried carbon clean is clean again, "said Tomi (Workshop DuaLima Autoworks)

But undesirable could happen if the oil is not replaced car too long. Variety of damage could have been experienced by your car like a beret on the piston if it is over the limit of 10,000 to 20,000 km. Because of oil's protective if not replaced will run out and cause friction in piston become slippery and cause scratches. Besides, if allowed to continue then the engine may misfire because of the heat and could not walk normally. Impact engine will not last.

To fix it if it is already going to replace it. Costs incurred were not small. Able to get off the machine for repair due to changing the oil in the car late. The prices can start from 10 million dollars to tens of millions depending on how the car suffered damage. In fact there are some cars that experienced turnover engine block. Therefore, do not underestimate the time your car an oil change if it does not want to incur additional costs to repair your car is already damaged. To treat the car to be more durable tips can also be applied to other cars such as, address the empty car radiator water and care for a diesel engine car.

The right time for an oil change car is worth 10,000 points adrift minus 3,000 is 7,000 miles as the road conditions also affect the performance of the machine against the use of oil in the car. If the journey is more often used in jams like in Jakarta when the oil was changed a distance of 7000 km