Friday, June 21, 2013

Caring Feet Foot Car

Caring Feet Foot Car. Road conditions in Indonesia are not friendly and not many holes can lead to the age of seamless toe your car be not durable or easily damaged. Maybe some people still underestimate the problem because the effect will not be immediate and most major car still able to walk normally, but in the long run it will damage the foot on the car. Thus causing the steering system is not stable.

Damage to the car causing leg your trip interrupted by car becomes normal swing as usual when going straight or in curves, no grip and the brakes became so forth.

You do not need to take it to a repair shop to make sure the condition of the car foot is still in a state unfit for use. Check the condition of the car before it was damaged and lead to unwanted accidents. Some parts that must be examined is.

1. Wheel Bearing

The first time you have to jack up the car until the car wheels can spin freely without hindrance. Further check the wheel bearings or neck, to check it you can spin the wheel and pay close attention to the sound produced. If it does not go off the bearing condition still worth taking and if the bearing is already weak will eat terdengan rumbling sound and should be replaced immediately.

2. Shockbreaker

Shockbreaker is a per to cushion the shock that occurs in a car when crossing uneven terrain. How to check it is to pass police cars at once only sleep if his swing is still good means shockbreaker circumstances and if you swing your car many times then there is a problem in Indonesia shockbreaker new cars usually leak if it is torn or broken should be replaced immediately.

3. Tie Rod and Tie Rod Long

Is the same as checking the wheel bearings, jack your car first and make sure the wheels can move freely without hindrance. Furthermore grasp on the left and right wheel shake out and into. If terdengan klotok2 sounds and feels loose it means long tie rod and tie rod new or used car you require renewal alias needs to be replaced with a new one. Another way is to hear a klotok klotok when crossing uneven road surfaces.

4. Spooring

How to check your car by driving at 60km/hour speed with the position of the steering wheel straight. If the car at the time by itself to turn left or right, it's time for your car in spooring.

5. Car Rims

In this section examined the way you drive the car at a speed of 80 km / hour. If the speed when you vibrate the steering wheel is not in a state of balance. Especially on a used car. The solution was brought to the workshop for repair.

6. Car tires

How to check car tire is by driving your car in a speed of 60 km / h and Injaklah your car if the brake pedal when you step on the brake pedal too deep to make the car stop position it could mean the car has been damaged brake booster. Furthermore, if you step on the brake pedal a second or third time that there are different means of oil pressure brake your car is up. Another way is to hit the brakes when the car then turned to one of the left or the right side there is likely a problem with the brake calipers at the right or the left.

7. Car tires

For the most part this car tire damage is easy to find out by looking at the thickness of the tire itself. Can then be seen on the body of the tire if it happens a lot kereteakan on all sides. If so the tires are thin and it is time to be replaced with new tires. Note the tire care tips to make your car tire life is longer.

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