Friday, June 21, 2013

Best Indonesian Car City Car Honda Brio

Best Indonesian Car City Car Honda Brio. Honda brio seen more success towering. In the arena of car buyers guide carmall 2012 - 2013 consisting of 2 sessions, ubahors viewers pick and pick, honda brio appears as the best in its class rivals appeal.

At step ubahors pick, honda brio which is in 3 variants show determination with the overall gain of 26 points established six assessment requirements (about the assessment requirements can be viewed here). Two rivals of a successful city car segment so finalists in this step accompany honda brio, namely mitsubishi mirage (24 points) and all-new kia picanto (21 points).

As a finalist, the third vehicle car city then has the right to step forward viewers pick as the best references of most 2013 cars tested by the team carmall. Com over the years. 2012 then.

In step viewers pick which opened along one full month (16 January - 16 February 2013) and successfully raise approximately 7. 000 online participants in carmall. Com, honda brio indeed not successfully occupy the top position below the price segment rp 250 million.

Among the 10 finalists in the price segment below Rp 250 million, honda brio just successfully occupies the 6th position with 33 percent of voters overall percentage. But when compared to the popularity of the two rivals in its segment, honda brio adds more popular. Provable two rivals, the all-new kia picanto successfully raise only 17 per cent of the amount of the percentage of voters, but mitsubishi mirage lower 16 percent of voters.

Achievement brio which is also quite surprising, because in fact there are over nissan popularity Evalia (17 percent) and Daihatsu Luxio (9 percent). 2nd even though this vehicle is lower mpv vehicle design genre or incidentally is the biggest automotive segment in Indonesia today.

Want to know our experience test honda brio, or detailed specifications before on the way to the closest honda dealer.

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