Friday, June 21, 2013

How to Buy a Used Car Automatic Transmission

How to Buy a Used Car Automatic Transmission. Cars with automatic transmission is easy to use but if there is damage and improper maintenance such as engine oil menggati late can be fatal. Therefore priority enough people buy cars automatic increase considering most people do not want complicated in Indonesia driving. It also occurs in the motorcycle market which experienced matic motorcycle sales increased significantly compared to a few years ago. Currently the price of a used car automatic transmission usually tend to be cheaper with a manual transmission especially if the used car is quite long due to consumer demand for cars matic long output will decrease, so the price is cheaper.

Car Buying Tips Matic

Choose automatic car under the age of 5-years
Automatic check for critical components, ranging from oil leaks and ATF inspection.
Check the transmission entity under the under the car, check the gasket or gasket leaks can be done by detecting the transmission oil melt at body transmission
ATF oil volume must also comply with the requirements and tolerance limits. Check through the dipstick in cold conditions (cool) and hot (hot). ATF oil shortage can cause damage to the transmission.
Instantaneous sound detection gear lever was moved to the position of 'D' (Drive). When the engine roared loudly unlike most, the potential damage to the bowel
Move the lever to position 'D' while keeping the brake pedal. Feel and hear his voice. Slowly off the brake pedal and let the car drove slowly. When it is still okay, continue the next step.
Do a test drive. Try to move the lever to position "R" (Reverse) aka backwards. If you feel there is a strange noise like rattling, the potential for considerable damage to the transmission. Do not take the risk to buy it, you should immediately choose another car.
But if you've got the desired matic car do not forget the regular maintenance of the car you just bought because of the good care of the car will remain comfortable digunaka and will rarely be damaged. Such as transmission oil change on time.

To change the transmission oil can be done by yourself but if you are still afraid to ask for help to the workshop. There are two ways of changing the oil in the transmission is the first automatic car, throw away the oil that is in the shelter and replace it with new oil. Secondly, drain the old oil by using oil circulation.

We recommend that if you use the second way, must use the correct way is to use the machine to drain the oil that has a feature back wash. So the oil circulation will remain intact and will still in good condition filter.

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  1. Automatic transmission is the most reliable units in a car. Replacing the new one will be very costly, so there are good used automatic transmissions available for every car model on various websites these days. However, while making a choice try to take mechanic opinion and its history completely.