Friday, June 21, 2013

Differences and Ordinary Avanza Avanza Veloz

Differences and Ordinary Avanza Avanza Veloz. All New Toyota Avanza car has now entered the facelift version. There are some pretty good changes in the exterior and interior so it looks more fresh. But this car has two variants are similar, with the Standard Avanza Avanza Veloz. If you just glance might not know the difference or similarities Avanza and Veloz. But when examined further there are many differences of the two variants of the car in the Toyota brand.



There are grooves on the front hood and the design on the front and rear license plates to be made wider so as to show the impression of a sharp look on this car.
From the side the car looks more elongated glass with some body curvature from front to rear.
Some additional angle on the front multireflektor headlamp headlights sharpens separately.

Grile Home, Avanza E-shaped single horizontal and body color, grille also Avanza G form a single horizontal chrome, For Avanza Veloz has a front grille design concept tawong nest and memorable avanza more luxurious than other variants.
Bumper design, new design Avanza E contained in the curve of the bumper alone, Avanza G there are a few additional accessories on the fog lamps, fog lamp design Avanza Velos different from the previous two types, namely E and G.
Mirror, There is an additional side mirror turn signal on for Avanza Veloz.
Rear door, the Avanza Veloz chrome accents on the door to the back while type E and G are not.
Rear Bumper, Design for Avanza Veloz is more aerodynamic than the type E and G.
There are differences emblem mounted on the rear of the car. There are posts for Avanza Veloz Veloz.


For All Types All New Avanza 2012 has now been equipped with double blower air conditioning, adding kenyamaan driving.
Design made more ergonomic door handle with power window equipped
The existence of the bottle holder on the side doors 1 and 2.
Cabin All New Avanza Avanza and Veloz designed wider and storage of goods or luggage larger
The new design on the back of the chair is made curved front that serves to support the driver's seating position and leg room add to the comfort of passengers in row 2.
Seat or seats All New Avanza and Veloz bari to two now equipped with sliding adjustment feature

Roomy interior design and color blend with gray baige & specifically for type E and G, while for type Velos color combination of black and gray cast a sporty and luxurious look.
Audio system on all new avanza 2012 comes with 1 CD player, AM / FM, MP3 with 4 speakers (Type G), for Velos with 6 speakers, and plus USB and Aux-in devices.
Price All New Toyota Avanza New

1 All New Avanza E 1300 M / T Rp. 147,750,000
2 All New Avanza E 1300 A / T Rp. 157,950,000
3 All New Avanza G 1300 M / T Rp. 162 million
4 All New Avanza G 1300 A / T Rp. 172,700,000
5 All New Avanza G 1500 M / T Rp. 169,400,000
6 All New Avanza Veloz 1500 M / T Rp. 175,400,000
7 All New Avanza Veloz 1500 A / T Rp. 184,900,000
Essentially Veloz toyota avanza more classy look compared with other variants because avanza Avanza Veloz is the most luxurious version of the Toyota Avanza. And to be fair because for this type of price is slightly more expensive than standard.

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