Friday, June 21, 2013

Honda Cars sales in 2013

Honda Cars sales in 2013. At the beginning of this year honda car sales have increased, Jonfis Fandy marketing and aftersales service director PT HPM will improve service to customers honda throughout Indonesia.

At the close of last year was the country sakura car manufacturer is also incised the latest record in December of 2012 has made sales of 6117 units. With the largest number of all car sales contributed by new honda crv 2013, which accounted for 2551 units. Also as a note for honda suv is highly in demand in the first 4 months pasarang given after the launch of sales of this car touched the figure of 14 thousand units.

Next up is the car honda freed who donate sales of 1,842 units during the month of December last year. If the total owned honda's best selling MPV has tersjual as many as 50 thousand units of the first 4 years since its launch in Indonesia.

Latest city car Honda Brio in 2013 also contributed the proceeds in a little early this year. Given its popularity is on the rise as the new car that looks quite interesting, especially for mothers or career women who have high mobility. Total throughout 2012 honda brio has recorded sales of 8 thousand units.

Another model that is not less in demand is the Honda Jazz with sales of 77 units during December 2012. This figure clearly complement the Honda Jazz sales in 2012 amounted to 21,244 units.

Seeing some positive notes on the meaning of the brand consumers have trusted honda honda as the top choice because it is always an increase in sales. Furthermore the honda will promise in improving after-sales service new cars this 2013.

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