Friday, June 21, 2013

Most Indonesian New Car Hatchback 2013

Most Indonesian New Car Hatchback 2013. Indonesian consumers in the car now has a good prospect for hatchback cars. Looking at some of the sales that have been made by several car manufacturers such as Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Suzuki, Daihatsu in the last year to reach 72 thousand units, or about 6%. This means that the Indonesian people are so enthusiastic about the type of car with a hatchback. There are some cars that according to the survey is the best hatchback car in the latest Indonesia. Sajakan Who are they?

1. Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris has been acquiring the best car in its class to displace the Honda Jazz which has long been the best in class hatchback. Car body shape typical of young cute first form leads to her making this car quite a demand in the market. In addition, some facelift also add to the appeal of this car so it looks more fresh. The result is the year 2012 yesterday All New Toyota Yaris has achieved record sales of 27,809 units across the country.

2. All New Honda Jazz

Selling price remains high rated be the reason why the Honda Jazz is still included on the best-selling car line in Indonesia. Without prejudice to the typical form of a car with a corner angle typical young boy who communicates dynamism. Although the best-selling car in Indonesia is Toyota Yaris but all new honda jazz cars could still occupy the second position. Gaikindo All New Jazz record sales in Indonesia reached 21,244 units.

3. All New Ford Fiesta

All New Ford Fiesta car has an unusual taste for young people. The appearance of this car looks a bit unique compared to many cars scattered in the streets Indonesia. The figure of the stylish car makes this car can compete with the all-new Toyota Yaris and the All New Honda Jazz in the ranks of the best-selling car in Indonesia.

Advantages of these vehicles than rivals in its class are some of the advanced features available in the car cabin. Among them, a telephone and play your favorite songs without having to press the button. You simply ask and features work soon.

4. Mazda 2

Mazda 2 cars into one of the excellent hatchback car in Indonesia is because the design is very unique with its Zoom Zoom concept makes car mazda 2 cars usually different. Image attached to the car's green color looks stunning anyone who saw even more if you already have it. This car has many times received the title of the car with the best design. Smart features like audio controls on the steering wheel, parking sensors, dual SRS airbags and a factor that is taken into account when consumers buy it.

5. All New Kia Rio

All New Kia Rio car to car newcomers mecuri Indonesian consumers of new cars. Cool car designs and fierce make this car fast becoming the number one choice for those of you who want to buy a car. It's all new kia rio targeted to young spirited and dynamic creative and love form the car that suits him the All New Kia Rio.

To complement the exterior design of the good car, the design space in the cabin All New Kia Rio also use combined with advanced technology and complete audio systems like MP3 CD player, radio which also has connections AUX, iPod, Bleutooth, USB and 4 speakers.

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