Friday, June 21, 2013

New Nissan Livina Facelift 2013

New Nissan Livina Facelift 2013. News about nissan grand livina facelift version closer to Indonesia. Yes, if successful initially caught on camera in china, then on Monday (25/2) as reported by the portal honda, nissan grand livina facelift caught in kuala lumpur, malaysia.

This can be evidenced from the prototype unit was caught parked in the cargo area kuala lumpur international airport (KLIA). Deemed of outstanding pictures, grand livina exterior appearance has a truly new. His performances have headlights form a triangle with the letter v accented grille chrome. New exterior elements that exist at the muzzle of a new car in 2013 is again designed front bumper, fog lamps and air duct with a new design.

On the side of the vehicle body curve line looks still looks the same as well with the current generation. Moreover, the window is not a natural form of meaningful change. Subject are turning the rearview mirror equipped with turn signal and a rim with a more interesting motive. For the designer behind the taillight nissan Remodel currently stationed with the horizontal. Brake lights and turn signal looks circling back lights. Rear bumper is now equipped with a pair of reflector lamps.

Development variants grand livina, livina x-gear will get a new design. Caught in the middle of the unit tests to test try in malaysia. Not the same as the grand livina without any cover, x-gear appears to still use the black cloth that covered some of his body. Most likely the grand livina and livina x-gear can have a similar exterior appearance. What distinguishes the black presence in the whole car body cladding and roof rack presence.

Word got out, when nissan grand livina facelift can be released in Indonesia in March 2013.

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