Friday, June 21, 2013

How to Take Care Car Paint Like New

How to Take Care Car Paint Like New. Paint car parts are most important to support the appearance of your new car. If your car paint look dull course the car was not pleasing to the eye and prestige can be decreased even though the car was brand new car in Indonesia. Whereas if you have a used car but the paint is still shiny like a new car in 2013 there will be a sense of satisfaction alone see your car yourself and others will agree with you. If we want this you have to take care of your cat's favorite car carefully so that no one treatment that causes the paint becomes dull. We see some of the tips below ca specialist car repair shop owner in Jakarta, Tomi Airbrush. Part windshield or wipers also support the appearance of the car then you need tips to clean the windshield.

Car Paint Care Tips To Not Easy Dull:

In time to avoid car washes from the sun because it can cause flex in the car
If using a car wash salt water, in trying to rinse with clean water (PAM) to prevent rust in the future.
It is recommended to periodically polishing should be done every week (using car wax)
Try to park in the shade as long as possible
Wash immediately if the painted surface exposed to gasoline
Do not wipe your car dry cloth - always use water
Avoid washing liquids / chemicals that are abrastif or use rough brushes (brushes in an automatic car wash machine can scratch the paint surface). Fix scratches on the paint surface as soon as possible to avoid rust.
Next up is painting treatment after your car repainted. There are two steps you must take to keep paint your car like new again. The first stage is for the first 30 days and the second stage is for the next 120 days.

30 Day One:

Wash the car by hand, using water only
Avoid parking under trees, as it can be exposed to the sap or bird droppings which can then damage the paint (rinse as soon as possible).
120 Day One:

To get rid of dirt and mud that sticks to use gentle liquid soap - do not use detergent.
Do not polishing / waxing your car within 120 days.
It was a few tips and tricks to keep your car's paint to be like new again. The success of the above tips will certainly depend on your own as a car owner. Hopefully can make your car look more yahud with a shiny paint.

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