Friday, June 21, 2013

Price All New Nissan Serena 2013

Price All New Nissan Serena 2013. Latest Nissan cars to MPV segment again arrived in Indonesia. This time the culprit is the all new nissan serena new one a few months ago paved in Indonesia. The latest generation nissan serena slide with two variants of the type X and type Highway Star. Like the others who have a nissan car emblem is Grand Livina Highway Star which would offer more luxury features than the standard type.

There are some changes in this latest MPV nissan additional body lines on the front side to the back side of the firm. And car shows this is a solid vehicle. With a design that is more futuristic digital instrument panel seen from the blue green. Echo mode is a feature that can be used to save fuel consumption nissan serena, especially when you're stuck in traffic like in Jakarta. And uses 16-inch alloy wheels make this car look more compact with large dimension.

All New Nissan Serena which comes with the codename C26 has 6 color options namely, Light Green, red, maroon, black, white, silver, and gray.

Price All New Nissan Serena 2013: 370-390 million dollars, sold en masse in January 2013.

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