Friday, June 21, 2013

Automatic Transmission Car Care Tips

Automatic Transmission Car Care Tips. Now familiar with the car even matic transmission all new cars in 2013 will use an automatic transmission. But the type of car has a weakness and damage prone than manual transmissions. Therefore there are many points to consider when you decide to buy a car with matic transmission. Below are the easy way to check the condition of your car matic whether in good condition or are being damaged. Before deciding to buy car automatic transmission it's good to know tips on buying a used car matic transmission.

- Check the Transmission Oil Condition

It is lazy to check the transmission oil so that it is often overlooked by the owner of the car. Especially by women who often forget this and did not know much about car engines. How to check the condition of the transmission oil in a way that is turn on the engine and then check the transmission oil dipstick. See if the color has changed to a darker color or black and there is little visible with iron powder immediately replace the new oil. Invisibility of the iron powder due to the friction between some of the components are too loud in the car engine.

- Road Test

The second way is to check the road test, you move the location of the transmission gears PRND like when running the car the first time. Do it slowly and be careful historians and feel each displacement, in the event of shocks or rough pounding like a twitch, could also sound a bit noisy then it is a sign of a problem with the transmission of your new or used car. If your vehicle has matic CVT transmission should then shift gears to the other one will be very smooth without any shocks. If this occurs then immediately check the condition of your car to the mechanic you trust do not wait until your car is getting worse so the cost of repairs to be larger.

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