Friday, June 21, 2013

Latest Price Daihatsu Ayla 2013.

Latest Price Daihatsu Ayla 2013. Daihatsu Ayla was first introduced a few months ago at the time of the exhibition IIMS in Jakarta. Japanese car company Daihatsu helped enliven the cheap car market is currently on the rise in Indonesia, because many car companies compete in this segment with Agya namely Toyota, Suzuki A-Star and Honda with the Brio. Daihatsu Ayla itself comes with 3 types of options, namely D, M and X. Has been since the days of toyota avanza xenia daihatsu both manufacturers and the car work together and plan to repeat the success-avanza xenia, Rush-Terios by presenting Agya and ayla.

New Daihatsu price Ayla

No.. Price type
1 D Rp. 75,000,000
2 M (MT) Rp. 80,000,000
3 M (AT) Rp. 90,000,000
4 X (MT) Rp. 88,000,000
5 X (AT) Rp. 100,000,000
The kitchen is tiny car racing using engines with a capacity of 1000cc does not vary much with brio honda or suzuki A-Star. By having 3 cylinders the car has been able to meet the needs of urban transportation. Car engine is not designed to travel long distances because of lack of power with only 1000 cc. For dependable fuel consumption is to a distance of 22 km per liter of gasoline.

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