Friday, June 21, 2013

Cheap Car Prices Toyota Agya 2013

Cheap Car Prices Toyota Agya 2013. This car is the most expensive cars toyota is still produced. But in Indonesia planned to be marketed by the end of 2012. Despite that the Toyota was able to accept reservations for a cheap car new pivot. Toyota did the research in collaboration with Daihatsu who also bring cheap cars Daihatsu Ayla 2013. They say this car will be launched in a variety of types, type E for the cheapest variant, type G for the middle class and the type of TRD Sportivo Toyota Agya to the most luxurious variant.

Agya toyota dimension is not much different from daihatsu ayla. With a length of 3600 mm and a width of 1600 mm. For type G and TRD slightly different width sizes are 1620 mm long, but has the same car. Cheap car is released into the Indonesian market in a variety of color choices are metallic blue, light blue, gray metallic, black, white, silver metallic.

The 5-door car engine relies DOHC 3 cylinder 12 valve for kitchen spur. with a capacity of 1000cc power capable of 65hp and sprayed the engine speed reaches 3600rpm speed. Toyota Agya and pertamax petrol tank with a volume of 33 liters.

Price Toyota Agya 2013

For version E, G and TRD around 80 million - 110 million. Possibility for type E cost 85 million, 95 million and the type G type TRD Sportivo 110 million.

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