Friday, June 21, 2013

Price All New Vios 2013 Indonesia

Price All New Vios 2013 Indonesia. The most recent appearance of the familiar vios car will be the car's cab in Indonesia will adopt Toyota Vitz exterior that has been widely marketed in Europe and Japan. Because it is a car manufacturer Toyota in designing a new car will incorporate some form or another toyota car body. So it will not be much different impression and raises its own brand or image for Toyota cars. Call it the all-new Toyota Yaris that design is also similar to the all-new Toyota Vios.

Seems to be undergoing a lot of changes on the interior and exterior sedan since the competition in the country is quite tight with many competitors from other car manufacturers such as Honda which has All New Honda Civic and the All New Honda City is no less than the design of this 2013 All New Vios. So that consumers will be more choice quality car with a competition like this.

Machine Toyota Vios 2013 will use DOHC VVT-i, 4 Cylinder 16 Valve, 1NZ-fe with a capacity of 1497 cc capable of spitting out 109 PS of maximum power at 6000 rpm rotation and a maximum power of 141 Nm untir at 4200 rpm rotation. The engine still feels strong enough to attract customers because of fuel-efficient and high-performance or recalcitrant. For the price would be under 200 million because it has a lot of cheap cars that are manufactured in Indonesia.

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