Friday, June 21, 2013

How to Overcome Late Car Oil Change

How to Overcome Late Car Oil Change. Sometimes we forget to pay attention to their own vehicles that we use. There are many reasons for this, the time is usually pretty busy and feeling lazy to take care of your favorite car. Included in the business affairs menggani car oil change oil when the car is very important that the condition of your new car in 2013 was always healthy and not easily damaged.

Oil is now generally replaced if it is a distance of 10,000 km. If telambat about 1,000-2,000 miles no problem, the only dirty just the engine. Also carried carbon clean is clean again, "said Tomi (Workshop DuaLima Autoworks)

But undesirable could happen if the oil is not replaced car too long. Variety of damage could have been experienced by your car like a beret on the piston if it is over the limit of 10,000 to 20,000 km. Because of oil's protective if not replaced will run out and cause friction in piston become slippery and cause scratches. Besides, if allowed to continue then the engine may misfire because of the heat and could not walk normally. Impact engine will not last.

To fix it if it is already going to replace it. Costs incurred were not small. Able to get off the machine for repair due to changing the oil in the car late. The prices can start from 10 million dollars to tens of millions depending on how the car suffered damage. In fact there are some cars that experienced turnover engine block. Therefore, do not underestimate the time your car an oil change if it does not want to incur additional costs to repair your car is already damaged. To treat the car to be more durable tips can also be applied to other cars such as, address the empty car radiator water and care for a diesel engine car.

The right time for an oil change car is worth 10,000 points adrift minus 3,000 is 7,000 miles as the road conditions also affect the performance of the machine against the use of oil in the car. If the journey is more often used in jams like in Jakarta when the oil was changed a distance of 7000 km

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