Friday, June 21, 2013

New Daihatsu Move 2013 New Video

New Daihatsu Move 2013 New Video. At the beginning of this year daihatsu just launched the latest generation Daihatsu Move in Japan. This car from the previous generation is quite popular in the market because of small cars claimed first that uses anti-collision safety system. With the new design of car body daihatsu move promising new driving sensation different and more attractive as well as efficient fuel consumption than the previous series.

New Move 2013 is the fifth generation of this car since it was first introduced to the market. No significant change in the form of the most brand-new car since the Model final two years ago.

This tiny vehicle can detect objects in front of a moving car suddenly. If deemed dangerous and risky latest 2013 car accident then it will automatically detect the braking. With this system in urban areas will greatly help to reduce the number of car accidents.

City car has dimensions of length 3.39 meters. Using the KF-VE engine 660 cc, with maximum power is 51 hp at 6,800 rpm engine speed and torque of 5,200 rpm. Only available CVT transmission and 4WD configurations as another option.

Judging from the shape daihatsu move car design will be a tough rival honda freed and mitsubishi mirage 2013 that was in the mini-MPV market. This year is expected to move the car daihatsu new 2013 will be coming soon in Indonesia can buy it through the general importer or direct him to Indonesia, we wait in this year.

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