Friday, June 21, 2013

Car Damage Detection voice

Car Damage Detection voice. For drivers usually are not too concerned there are some sounds suspicious car out of the car when driving because the car can still run normally. Sounds suspicious to watch out for something odd could happen to your car and can lead to accidents. Or at least be able to prevent the car suffered severe damage and incur additional costs.

We recommend that if you hear an unusual noise when driving your car immediately take it to the nearest service station. Moreover flooded car considering now is the rainy season. So it sounds like the onset of rumble, squeal, hum is the thing that might happen. Therefore immediately take your favorite new cars in 2013 to the nearest service station.

Some Beep Detection Car Damage

1. Buzzing sound machine

The first step check the van belt may be too tight bond. And if this is allowed to lead this component can be broken so that the water pump and alternator (dynamo amperes) can not work well. After that the engine will experience overheating or heat. If you already like the chances of your car breaking down will be even greater. Additionally van belt loose state will also cause other suspicious sounds like a squeaking noise but has the same effect as if the van is attached belt too tight.

2. Voice buzzing in Wheels

This new sound is usually heard when the car is used in a high speed above 40 km / h. The thing to do is check the part of the foot front and rear of the car. Depending on the source of the buzzing wheel cars, if the sound of the front wheels then check out the car and vice versa. Chances of that happening are worn wheel bearings or wheel surface that is not flat anymore.

3. Noisy sound like Berubrukan Metal Objects In Front Of Car

This may appear or sound is detected when your car through the streets uneven or perforated. Check the main foot more cars on the tierod and rod end. Likelihood components in this section or has not been worn more precision.

4. Rough sound machine when AC Switched On

Check the air conditioning compressor, air conditioning compressor bearing possibility of faulty or problematic compressor oil (no leaks). If left unchecked will create damage to the compressor itself.

5. Rough sound like Metal Collide

Noise is common on cars that have a rear wheel drive like BMW and Mercedes Benz. The first step is to detect it by checking the propeller shaft (coupling), the possibility of cross-joint is worn condition could even be broken and need to be replaced with a new one. Besides causing rough voice, body vibrating car could have come too fast because the propeller shaft is no longer balanced.

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