Friday, June 21, 2013

Toyota Starlet Used Car Prices

Toyota Starlet Used Car Prices. This car is a hatchback pioneer in Indonesia. At first appearance in 1970 with a box shape starlet that this car still has a lot of interesting automotive consumers in Indonesia at that time. With some changes every year the car is still able to survive and are still preferred. The proof now that hunting is still a lot of second-hand cars starlet. Besides low cost and unique shape will probably have a certain satisfaction with this car. The last car was produced in 1999. Some types of 5-year-old starlet of the year 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 is still a lot of demand.

Toyota starlet for its own category already exists in the type of manual and automatic variants of the SE and SEG.

Toyota Starlet Car Type

Standard, DX, Soleil, XL, XL Lisse, S, SE, Si, Si Limited, Canvas Top Si, Ri, Turbo R, and Turbo S. Model Ri and Turbo R is a lightweight variant berbodi for racing purposes. While the Turbo S is a strong and classy.

Price Toyota Starlet

Starlet 1.3 SE 1996 60.0 Million
Starlet 1.3 SE 1997 65.0 Million
Starlet 1.3 SE 1998 70.0 Million
SEG Starlet 1.3 1996 65.0 Million
SEG Starlet 1.3 1997 70.0 Million
SEG Starlet 1.3 1998 75.0 Million
The price is still quite expensive for the size of the used car with over 10 years of age. The first reason is the car is much sought after by consumers of middle-class cars, car care easy and not often strike was another reason this car is worth quite expensive as a used car. The second, starlet cars are sought after by the local people they purposely bought for resale in urban areas, because that is now in Jakarta is rarely encountered secondhand car toyota starlet.

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