Friday, June 21, 2013

Cheap Used Cars for Under 50 Million

Cheap Used Cars for Under 50 Million. If you only have a budget of 50 million to buy a car do not worry to choose some pretty decent cars to choose from in the used car market. But if you want a new car with a budget of that size would probably be difficult to materialize. Surely a car that has not been in his time despite having a good design and technology will depreciate with age. Due to variations of similar cars already have appeared on the market and a lot of consumer interest. Below there are several used car under 50 million eligible to be selected. Cars from Japanese manufacturer and Korea.

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Japanese cars

For many Japanese car manufacturer because the product of Japan will be selling well in Indonesia compared to products originating in Korea.

1994 deer
Toyota Starlet 1992
Honda Accord 1992
Daihatsu Espas 1995
Suzuki Katana
Mitsubishi Kuda, 2000 (70 Millions)
Daihatsu Taruna, 2000 (70 Millions)
96-97 deer (70 Millions)
Daihatsu Xenia 2004 (80 Millions)
Toyota Corolla
Mazda Vantren 1993 (20 Millions)
Korean cars

Hyundai Atoz in 2000 (50 million)
Kia Visto 2000 (50 Million)

Europe -> 91-95 Bmw 318 years, Opel Blazer in 96-200, 96-2000 Peugeot 406 years, Mercy Tiger
Japan -> Lancer Evo 91-95, 90-93 ACORD, etc.
Japan -> Espas/Ts120ss/carry years 95-2004, Jimny 90-98, Esteem 94-95, 94-95 Charade, etc..
Place alive can be seen that the Japanese car manufacturer more attractive to consumers homeland. This is because branding a better Japanese cars in the country. But now the Korean manufacturer's new car can not be underestimated, such as Hyundai which often get awards in Europe and America.

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