Friday, June 21, 2013

Car Prices 2013 Chevrolet Spin Indonesia

Car Prices 2013 Chevrolet Spin Indonesia. At the beginning of this year re-launched the latest cars from Chevrolet. The American car company reinforces its presence in the automotive market homeland. All New Chevrolet Spin become the latest reply from the secret car will be marketed in Indonesia lately. 7 passenger car is claimed to be selling soon menyaingin All New Daihatsu Xenia and Toyota Avanza, which has long mastered the sales of cars with moderate prices for the best family car. Additionally do not miss the latest car output Suzuki Suzuki Ertiga MPV cars suzuki boost sales in Indonesia.

At the time of the event "Sneak Preview All New Chevrolet Spin" at the GM plant in Bekasi, Indonesia (19/2), the Chevrolet says that this vehicle will be sold starting price of 139 million rupiah. It would be a surprise because it is very competitive with the price range of its closest competitor.

All New Chevrolet Spin gives a choice of 8 variants of the vehicle type to prospective customers. Eight variants are Spin 1.2 LS - Manual, Spin 1.2 LT - Manual, Spin 1.5 LT - Manual, Spin 1.5 LTZ Manual, 1.5 LTZ Automatic Spin, Spin 1.3 LS - Manual, Spin 1.3 LT - Manual, Spin 1.3 LTZ - Manual.

Used engine variant All New Chevrolet Spin 2013 that you can choose is the 1.2 L and 1.5 L for gasoline engines. And 1.3 L for diesel engines. For current information on cars that use diesel engines in Indonesia with a capacity of 7 passengers only Chevrolet Spin.

See the comments from GM's marketing director in Indonesia, Hartanto Yunadi which mentions that the finalization of the price for chevrolet spin has many variants. In addition to the consideration of consumers in Indonesia are diverse ranging from the lower class, middle to upper middle. But what is clear is for the most minimal variant feature is 139 million dollars.

Moments before the launch in Calcutta yesterday chevrolet own spin rates ranged from 150 million to 180 million. But with the latest offer 139 million dollars could be that price is a promotional price for the first introduction to car consumers in Indonesia given the price competition in the category of extremely tight Low Indonesian MPV to compete with Toyota Avanza, Daihatsu Xenia and Suzuki Ertiga.

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