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Honda Cars sales in 2013

Honda Cars sales in 2013. At the beginning of this year honda car sales have increased, Jonfis Fandy marketing and aftersales service director PT HPM will improve service to customers honda throughout Indonesia.

At the close of last year was the country sakura car manufacturer is also incised the latest record in December of 2012 has made sales of 6117 units. With the largest number of all car sales contributed by new honda crv 2013, which accounted for 2551 units. Also as a note for honda suv is highly in demand in the first 4 months pasarang given after the launch of sales of this car touched the figure of 14 thousand units.

Next up is the car honda freed who donate sales of 1,842 units during the month of December last year. If the total owned honda's best selling MPV has tersjual as many as 50 thousand units of the first 4 years since its launch in Indonesia.

Latest city car Honda Brio in 2013 also contributed the proceeds in a little early this year. Given its popularity is on the rise as the new car that looks quite interesting, especially for mothers or career women who have high mobility. Total throughout 2012 honda brio has recorded sales of 8 thousand units.

Another model that is not less in demand is the Honda Jazz with sales of 77 units during December 2012. This figure clearly complement the Honda Jazz sales in 2012 amounted to 21,244 units.

Seeing some positive notes on the meaning of the brand consumers have trusted honda honda as the top choice because it is always an increase in sales. Furthermore the honda will promise in improving after-sales service new cars this 2013.

Cheap Used Cars Taxi choice

Cheap Used Cars Taxi choice. When you want to buy a car will definitely notice some considerations, one of which was the price and consumption of fuel or gasoline. You can drop the new car to a used car taxi because it is certain that the car's fuel consumption is chosen as the taxis are very economical. A fleet of taxi companies certainly want to hit as low as the low cost of operating a taxi is the use of fuel so chosen that the car has low fuel consumption levels.

Below is a selection of cheap taxi cars that you can buy to fill up a car garage in your home.

1. Honda Civic

Although the car is quite expensive on the market but not if you choose honda civic ex cab because the price difference would be quite striking if the car has become a used cab.

2. Vios Limo

This car is a favorite car for those who want to buy a used car taxi because the model is still good is not obsolete. Fuel consumption is also quite efficient with good performance typical car manufacturer Toyota.

3. Toyota Soluna

Toyota vios soluna limo is the generation before. But still there are some who use the taxi fleet cars toyota soluna. Advantage if you choose this car is the price is quite cheap compared to vios limo. May be related to approximately 20 million.

4. Hyundai Accent

Hyundai accent sedan has long been chosen by the company's fleet of taxis. Because the price is quite cheap and the performance does not disappoint.

To consider when choosing a used car is a taxi you should first check the car as a taxi car lauched use throughout the day to serve the consumer.

Choosing a Good Quality Used Cars Taxi.

Choosing a Good Quality Used Cars Taxi. Used car taxis usually be much cheaper price in the market because taxi image makes the price of the car down. But in terms of quality can not be doubted because if the car is selected as the fleet a fleet of taxi companies that definitely have more value on fuel consumption and endurance cars. Because you can imagine how mobility taxi car in the day to pick up and deliver customers to their destination.

There are several things that must be considered when you decide to buy a used car taxi. Because taxi car sold because it is considered less competitive with other fleets that have a new kind of taxi cars that look outdated and unattractive in the eyes of consumers.

Other more value when you decide to buy a used car taxi is highly skewed price than the original car that is not ex-taxi. Imagine you can have a used car limo taxi vios simply by setting up a budget of about 60-70 million dollars. While the market is still above the original price of 100 million rupiah.

Tips on buying a used car is checked first taxi from functional interior, the car body condition of porous or nonporous (still smooth), then the quality of the machine is maintained. Do not let you regret later for not careful in buying a car. It's good when you buy a used car or taxi you should not invite a friend or relative who understands the ins and outs of the car. So if there is incongruity in the used car you will buy will be detected earlier.

Car Damage Detection voice

Car Damage Detection voice. For drivers usually are not too concerned there are some sounds suspicious car out of the car when driving because the car can still run normally. Sounds suspicious to watch out for something odd could happen to your car and can lead to accidents. Or at least be able to prevent the car suffered severe damage and incur additional costs.

We recommend that if you hear an unusual noise when driving your car immediately take it to the nearest service station. Moreover flooded car considering now is the rainy season. So it sounds like the onset of rumble, squeal, hum is the thing that might happen. Therefore immediately take your favorite new cars in 2013 to the nearest service station.

Some Beep Detection Car Damage

1. Buzzing sound machine

The first step check the van belt may be too tight bond. And if this is allowed to lead this component can be broken so that the water pump and alternator (dynamo amperes) can not work well. After that the engine will experience overheating or heat. If you already like the chances of your car breaking down will be even greater. Additionally van belt loose state will also cause other suspicious sounds like a squeaking noise but has the same effect as if the van is attached belt too tight.

2. Voice buzzing in Wheels

This new sound is usually heard when the car is used in a high speed above 40 km / h. The thing to do is check the part of the foot front and rear of the car. Depending on the source of the buzzing wheel cars, if the sound of the front wheels then check out the car and vice versa. Chances of that happening are worn wheel bearings or wheel surface that is not flat anymore.

3. Noisy sound like Berubrukan Metal Objects In Front Of Car

This may appear or sound is detected when your car through the streets uneven or perforated. Check the main foot more cars on the tierod and rod end. Likelihood components in this section or has not been worn more precision.

4. Rough sound machine when AC Switched On

Check the air conditioning compressor, air conditioning compressor bearing possibility of faulty or problematic compressor oil (no leaks). If left unchecked will create damage to the compressor itself.

5. Rough sound like Metal Collide

Noise is common on cars that have a rear wheel drive like BMW and Mercedes Benz. The first step is to detect it by checking the propeller shaft (coupling), the possibility of cross-joint is worn condition could even be broken and need to be replaced with a new one. Besides causing rough voice, body vibrating car could have come too fast because the propeller shaft is no longer balanced.

Tips for Choosing Car Diesel Engines.

Tips for Choosing Car Diesel Engines. If you have limited funds sufficient to buy a car but really need the presence of a new car in the middle of your family. You can choose a used car to meet your needs in addition to affordable you can still meet the transportation needs that could be done by a new car. Next, you can choose a used car that uses diesel engines for cars with diesel engines typically have a lower price than gasoline engine cars. But there is some homework before you decide to buy a used car diesel, apasajakah it? we consider some tips on buying a diesel car below.

What should you do when you first buy a diesel car is noticed diesel fuel filter on the car. Most cars that have been used particularly when elderly, long lazy owners to pick a non-subsidized diesel fuel because it is more expensive. This resulted in a solar filter dirtier than usual.

The second is to check the condition of the machine. There are several things that must be considered is the check oil fill hole and press the gas the car you want to buy a car. If the piece is meant compression car fumes is not good. Further checks are issued if the exhaust fumes of black smoke and a little smoky stationary then the car is not worth considering for purchase.

If the first and second are already qualified the car well enough try to test drive the diesel-engined cars and check the condition of his feet. Especially the front foot car because the car has a diesel-engined car's weight is heavier than gasoline-powered cars. Try to drive the car on the bumpy road, if the suspension is comfortable and does not happen any sound of the car is enough to qualify for purchase.

The fourth task is to check the condition of the brake linings. Indeed, check the condition of the brake the car has been wont to do when you want to buy a used car. But for a diesel-engined car that weighs heavier cars usually faster in spending to brake the car.

If you've done all of the above points then last Langkat next is check the color of the car body and car whether there is corrosion or color fading. Usually cars that have black and silver has a higher selling price. Compared white car that has a lower selling price. If you've done everything you just some tips on caring for diesel engine cars. Congratulations for a used car diesel hopefully you get the car you want and avoid problems later on.

How to Take Care Car Paint Like New

How to Take Care Car Paint Like New. Paint car parts are most important to support the appearance of your new car. If your car paint look dull course the car was not pleasing to the eye and prestige can be decreased even though the car was brand new car in Indonesia. Whereas if you have a used car but the paint is still shiny like a new car in 2013 there will be a sense of satisfaction alone see your car yourself and others will agree with you. If we want this you have to take care of your cat's favorite car carefully so that no one treatment that causes the paint becomes dull. We see some of the tips below ca specialist car repair shop owner in Jakarta, Tomi Airbrush. Part windshield or wipers also support the appearance of the car then you need tips to clean the windshield.

Car Paint Care Tips To Not Easy Dull:

In time to avoid car washes from the sun because it can cause flex in the car
If using a car wash salt water, in trying to rinse with clean water (PAM) to prevent rust in the future.
It is recommended to periodically polishing should be done every week (using car wax)
Try to park in the shade as long as possible
Wash immediately if the painted surface exposed to gasoline
Do not wipe your car dry cloth - always use water
Avoid washing liquids / chemicals that are abrastif or use rough brushes (brushes in an automatic car wash machine can scratch the paint surface). Fix scratches on the paint surface as soon as possible to avoid rust.
Next up is painting treatment after your car repainted. There are two steps you must take to keep paint your car like new again. The first stage is for the first 30 days and the second stage is for the next 120 days.

30 Day One:

Wash the car by hand, using water only
Avoid parking under trees, as it can be exposed to the sap or bird droppings which can then damage the paint (rinse as soon as possible).
120 Day One:

To get rid of dirt and mud that sticks to use gentle liquid soap - do not use detergent.
Do not polishing / waxing your car within 120 days.
It was a few tips and tricks to keep your car's paint to be like new again. The success of the above tips will certainly depend on your own as a car owner. Hopefully can make your car look more yahud with a shiny paint.

How to Overcome Late Car Oil Change

How to Overcome Late Car Oil Change. Sometimes we forget to pay attention to their own vehicles that we use. There are many reasons for this, the time is usually pretty busy and feeling lazy to take care of your favorite car. Included in the business affairs menggani car oil change oil when the car is very important that the condition of your new car in 2013 was always healthy and not easily damaged.

Oil is now generally replaced if it is a distance of 10,000 km. If telambat about 1,000-2,000 miles no problem, the only dirty just the engine. Also carried carbon clean is clean again, "said Tomi (Workshop DuaLima Autoworks)

But undesirable could happen if the oil is not replaced car too long. Variety of damage could have been experienced by your car like a beret on the piston if it is over the limit of 10,000 to 20,000 km. Because of oil's protective if not replaced will run out and cause friction in piston become slippery and cause scratches. Besides, if allowed to continue then the engine may misfire because of the heat and could not walk normally. Impact engine will not last.

To fix it if it is already going to replace it. Costs incurred were not small. Able to get off the machine for repair due to changing the oil in the car late. The prices can start from 10 million dollars to tens of millions depending on how the car suffered damage. In fact there are some cars that experienced turnover engine block. Therefore, do not underestimate the time your car an oil change if it does not want to incur additional costs to repair your car is already damaged. To treat the car to be more durable tips can also be applied to other cars such as, address the empty car radiator water and care for a diesel engine car.

The right time for an oil change car is worth 10,000 points adrift minus 3,000 is 7,000 miles as the road conditions also affect the performance of the machine against the use of oil in the car. If the journey is more often used in jams like in Jakarta when the oil was changed a distance of 7000 km

New Cars Nissan 2013 Tokyo

New Cars Nissan 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon 2013. Entering the year 2013, the Japanese car manufacturer Nissan is afoot to promote his new car. By exhibiting several rows of new cars on the mat Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 which was held on January 11 to 13 yesterday. Rows of cars starting from the concept car that was produced several years planned to design a car with racing.

In total there are 10 new cars ready for display and consists of a Nissan Juke Sport facelift in which there are some parts saamping car with a body kit and unique graphics. With so nissan juke car appearance is not as usual and more attention.

Other cars that Nissan GTR Nismo GT 3, comes with a fresh look like the look of the Super GT FIA regulations. Motul Autech GT-R Nissan were also carried off the first ever won the GT500 class race in 2012. As for the endurance race, in Le Mans trak Nissan has prepared DelltaWing.

Not to miss a car that barusaja developed the leaft Nissan introduced the Fairlady Z Nismo body kit up for track racing. Other cars such as the Z challege, NV350 Caravan Rider Transporter and Note Rider helped complete a new nissan car that was introduced in the Tokyo Auto Salon this 2013.

Modified Lamborghini Reventon Mazda RX 8

Modified Lamborghini Reventon Mazda RX 8. In Singapore there is a student who is willing to spend for a hefty appearance memermak Mazda RX 8 which has become fierce Lamborghini Reventon as owned by Cristiano Ronaldo. Mazda RX 8 considered less exotic impression of luxury and comfort him.

This guy named Shawnz want a different appearance from others who have mazda RX 8. Because if you have something that is not shared by anyone else will have the satisfaction. Although juggle his desire to realize the car was the Lamborghini Reventon require funding not less.

This sports car modification took almost two years. Some changes since he first started buying cars Mazda RX 8 in 2010 ago. Because he wants the results are very special people who are fond of the Lamborghini Reventon This use of carbon fiber and CFRP (Carbon Fibre-Reinforced Plastic) and some glass fiber material for some parts modified cars.

This modification process is carried out by Knight Sport Tuner from Japan to gather on the machine. Given Mazda RX 8 engine that is fast enough if only there are no additional significant. Lamborghini to enhance "Fake" uses the color orange calipers black with a combination of double-spoke design on the toe car. For more details can be seen in the gallery below.

Car Prices 2013 Chevrolet Spin Indonesia

Car Prices 2013 Chevrolet Spin Indonesia. At the beginning of this year re-launched the latest cars from Chevrolet. The American car company reinforces its presence in the automotive market homeland. All New Chevrolet Spin become the latest reply from the secret car will be marketed in Indonesia lately. 7 passenger car is claimed to be selling soon menyaingin All New Daihatsu Xenia and Toyota Avanza, which has long mastered the sales of cars with moderate prices for the best family car. Additionally do not miss the latest car output Suzuki Suzuki Ertiga MPV cars suzuki boost sales in Indonesia.

At the time of the event "Sneak Preview All New Chevrolet Spin" at the GM plant in Bekasi, Indonesia (19/2), the Chevrolet says that this vehicle will be sold starting price of 139 million rupiah. It would be a surprise because it is very competitive with the price range of its closest competitor.

All New Chevrolet Spin gives a choice of 8 variants of the vehicle type to prospective customers. Eight variants are Spin 1.2 LS - Manual, Spin 1.2 LT - Manual, Spin 1.5 LT - Manual, Spin 1.5 LTZ Manual, 1.5 LTZ Automatic Spin, Spin 1.3 LS - Manual, Spin 1.3 LT - Manual, Spin 1.3 LTZ - Manual.

Used engine variant All New Chevrolet Spin 2013 that you can choose is the 1.2 L and 1.5 L for gasoline engines. And 1.3 L for diesel engines. For current information on cars that use diesel engines in Indonesia with a capacity of 7 passengers only Chevrolet Spin.

See the comments from GM's marketing director in Indonesia, Hartanto Yunadi which mentions that the finalization of the price for chevrolet spin has many variants. In addition to the consideration of consumers in Indonesia are diverse ranging from the lower class, middle to upper middle. But what is clear is for the most minimal variant feature is 139 million dollars.

Moments before the launch in Calcutta yesterday chevrolet own spin rates ranged from 150 million to 180 million. But with the latest offer 139 million dollars could be that price is a promotional price for the first introduction to car consumers in Indonesia given the price competition in the category of extremely tight Low Indonesian MPV to compete with Toyota Avanza, Daihatsu Xenia and Suzuki Ertiga.

New Honda Cars in Indonesian

New Honda Cars in Indonesian. PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) can leak there are 5 new vehicles in 2013. The two vehicles we recognize together that honda cr-z, which was launched in 2012 and the new IIMs honda jazz which was launched bln. January then.

Jonfis Fandy, Marketing & Aftersales service HPM director, told reporters on the sidelines of the gathering media honda, 13/02/2013, mentions that honda still be able to launch another 3 new vehicles in 2013's.

Which one is the renewal of our existing product. But these two can keep a secret, said Jonfis.

When judging of presentation media gathering ppm time the product is updated after it is all new accord as well as two new variants that may come from the existing city car variants. But the 2nd city car has different segments.

All new accord with this idea can be imported (CBU) from Thailand. About the features available in all-new accord has been no leaks but the idea is expected to launch mid-th. Here you are.

Question then burst, especially when linked with the issue of cheap car Indonesian government and the provision of LCGC. Could the answer honda city car on cheap car in Indonesia?

Expected, among the mpv brio that has long since wafted crew automotive media in Indonesia.

Jonfis do not want to leak information about the latest Honda vehicle's whereabouts. According to him LCGC is the issue that really took the attention due to the automotive industry still awaits government regulation. Honda as a brand among most certainly no longer brings up the product. We watch the news after that, added Jonfis

That moment, honda mention their idea to bring the world premiere product in the international arena Indonesia motor show 2013. So also launched a new honda cr-z with a world premiere at the IIMS 2012 arena time. This new product is not counted 5 vehicles that can exist in the year 2013.

Cheap Car Indonesia 2013

Cheap Car Indonesia 2013. Unpleasant news about the return policy cheap car encounter a new round in mid-February 2013, the ms after hidayat as erindustrian minister on Sunday (17/2) say if the low emission carbon regulation project (LECP) bln desired end. It has existed in the state secretariat (State Secretariat).

When this is realized, then more or less 300. 000 units Agya - ayla is ready for production. Amelia tjandra as marketing director of PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM), which we call service via bbm say when regulation lecp minister living awaits hand signals, hand signals for sby afterwards.

Interesting then monitored, if lecp get out, because the rivals lined toyota ayla and Agya seems no longer waiting time. Anyone whether they, our predictions are:

1. Datsun Lada Kalina

Party PT Nissan Motor Indonesia (nmi) is indeed called the Datsun was due to be released th new. 2014. The question is simple, if regulation lecp then passed the end of February, if the nmi be waiting that long?

When referring to the genre of design, then the newfangled kalina pepper Datsun hatchback is very fitting emissary to confront the dominance of Toyota and Daihatsu Agya ayla.

2. Tata Nano

Although no longer as cheap as its price in india the range of numbers rp 30 million, according to our sources at IIMS 2012 when its price is in the range of Rp 50 million - Rp 70 million. Variant in question - called one among the world's cheapest car has a design which is indeed less common for Indonesian people's tastes, but at a price equivalent to the Kawasaki Ninja 250, the customer may be able to take into account the carrying capacity and protection from heat and rain to make a child's beloved wife.

3. Honda Brio

Although not yet revealed anything about their data profile, but the PT Honda Prospect Motor has affirmed if it can play in the car segment LCGC. Because cheap honda car variant is very desirable to boost sales exceeded 100 honda. 000 units in Indonesia on th. 2013's. Worth the wait if honda brio engined variants 1, 2-liter as well as in india thailand, or something based on the development of new honda brio.

4. Suzuki Alto

In tune with the honda, the PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales (sis) says when it is ready by LCGC regulations since 2009 years. Then. Endro nugroho as marketing director says suzuki pt terms already known among her portfolio as well as effective compact car manufacturer in the fuel. Although thus suitable prisipalnya appeal in Japan, he has not been able to give more info on this subject.

Prices All-New Range Rover 2013 Indonesia

Prices All-New Range Rover 2013 Indonesia. One more variant of premium vehicles for entry into Indonesia, an all-new range rover. The fourth-generation premium SUV is introduced by the bloody english pt Grandauto dynamics as the NER on Thursday (21/2) at the main atrium pacific place, jakarta.

The all-new range rover suv question is the first in the world with ease using aluminum body, up to 450 kg is claimed to be easier compared previous generation. Subject is definitely important when raising claimed all fuel efficiency performance.

There are 3 variants are on offer all new range rover, namely two petrol versions 5, 0-liter supercharged V8 and diesel 4, 4-liter sdv8. Varian sneezing all-new Range Rover is priced at voque rp 3.4 billion as well as all-new range rover autobiography sticker price of Rp 3, 7 billion. Shortly diesel variant price sticker Rp 3 billion.

The fourth-generation Range Rover is not a variant version of the turn at appeal at first, but is improving, said Dickin team, regional sales manager asia pacific land rover.

Suv car variant is equipped with the best in this world means warrany 3 years. Free service. One of the advantages is the strength diagnose water level that can be passed.

Best Indonesian Car City Car Honda Brio

Best Indonesian Car City Car Honda Brio. Honda brio seen more success towering. In the arena of car buyers guide carmall 2012 - 2013 consisting of 2 sessions, ubahors viewers pick and pick, honda brio appears as the best in its class rivals appeal.

At step ubahors pick, honda brio which is in 3 variants show determination with the overall gain of 26 points established six assessment requirements (about the assessment requirements can be viewed here). Two rivals of a successful city car segment so finalists in this step accompany honda brio, namely mitsubishi mirage (24 points) and all-new kia picanto (21 points).

As a finalist, the third vehicle car city then has the right to step forward viewers pick as the best references of most 2013 cars tested by the team carmall. Com over the years. 2012 then.

In step viewers pick which opened along one full month (16 January - 16 February 2013) and successfully raise approximately 7. 000 online participants in carmall. Com, honda brio indeed not successfully occupy the top position below the price segment rp 250 million.

Among the 10 finalists in the price segment below Rp 250 million, honda brio just successfully occupies the 6th position with 33 percent of voters overall percentage. But when compared to the popularity of the two rivals in its segment, honda brio adds more popular. Provable two rivals, the all-new kia picanto successfully raise only 17 per cent of the amount of the percentage of voters, but mitsubishi mirage lower 16 percent of voters.

Achievement brio which is also quite surprising, because in fact there are over nissan popularity Evalia (17 percent) and Daihatsu Luxio (9 percent). 2nd even though this vehicle is lower mpv vehicle design genre or incidentally is the biggest automotive segment in Indonesia today.

Want to know our experience test honda brio, or detailed specifications before on the way to the closest honda dealer.

Most Indonesian New Car Hatchback 2013

Most Indonesian New Car Hatchback 2013. Indonesian consumers in the car now has a good prospect for hatchback cars. Looking at some of the sales that have been made by several car manufacturers such as Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Suzuki, Daihatsu in the last year to reach 72 thousand units, or about 6%. This means that the Indonesian people are so enthusiastic about the type of car with a hatchback. There are some cars that according to the survey is the best hatchback car in the latest Indonesia. Sajakan Who are they?

1. Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris has been acquiring the best car in its class to displace the Honda Jazz which has long been the best in class hatchback. Car body shape typical of young cute first form leads to her making this car quite a demand in the market. In addition, some facelift also add to the appeal of this car so it looks more fresh. The result is the year 2012 yesterday All New Toyota Yaris has achieved record sales of 27,809 units across the country.

2. All New Honda Jazz

Selling price remains high rated be the reason why the Honda Jazz is still included on the best-selling car line in Indonesia. Without prejudice to the typical form of a car with a corner angle typical young boy who communicates dynamism. Although the best-selling car in Indonesia is Toyota Yaris but all new honda jazz cars could still occupy the second position. Gaikindo All New Jazz record sales in Indonesia reached 21,244 units.

3. All New Ford Fiesta

All New Ford Fiesta car has an unusual taste for young people. The appearance of this car looks a bit unique compared to many cars scattered in the streets Indonesia. The figure of the stylish car makes this car can compete with the all-new Toyota Yaris and the All New Honda Jazz in the ranks of the best-selling car in Indonesia.

Advantages of these vehicles than rivals in its class are some of the advanced features available in the car cabin. Among them, a telephone and play your favorite songs without having to press the button. You simply ask and features work soon.

4. Mazda 2

Mazda 2 cars into one of the excellent hatchback car in Indonesia is because the design is very unique with its Zoom Zoom concept makes car mazda 2 cars usually different. Image attached to the car's green color looks stunning anyone who saw even more if you already have it. This car has many times received the title of the car with the best design. Smart features like audio controls on the steering wheel, parking sensors, dual SRS airbags and a factor that is taken into account when consumers buy it.

5. All New Kia Rio

All New Kia Rio car to car newcomers mecuri Indonesian consumers of new cars. Cool car designs and fierce make this car fast becoming the number one choice for those of you who want to buy a car. It's all new kia rio targeted to young spirited and dynamic creative and love form the car that suits him the All New Kia Rio.

To complement the exterior design of the good car, the design space in the cabin All New Kia Rio also use combined with advanced technology and complete audio systems like MP3 CD player, radio which also has connections AUX, iPod, Bleutooth, USB and 4 speakers.

Hyundai Eon 2013 Hyundai New Car Indonesia

Hyundai Eon 2013 Hyundai New Car Indonesia. This car will soon be adding an option for those of you who want to buy a new hatchback car with a cheaper price. Due to manufacturer Hyundai is cheaper than the famous brands Toyota, Honda or Suzuki. But despite having a relatively cheaper price does not mean the quality of Hyundai cars can be questioned. Because this is a car manufacturer car manufacturer with the most rapid growth in the world and managed to gain some international awards that can not be underestimated. Hyundai Eon is already being mass-produced in India and the country will further towards Indonesia. It is common knowledge if the cars manufactured in India will be coming soon in Indonesia but with a different name. Let's wait what the name of Hyundai Eon 2013 that will be present in Indonesia. The arrival of a new car this 2013 Hyundai Eon also confirmed date yet biased given the absence of an official decision from the Indonesian government.

If true then realized presence in Indonesia this car will be a low-cost car in Indonesia as in India own a car is not sold more than 50 million dollars. But as we all know cars are imported from abroad the price is much more expensive pleated bias. This car is projected to compete with other Indonesian cheap car like the Suzuki Alto, Toyota Agya and Daihatsu Ayla.

The exterior design of this 2013 Hyundai Eon is quite interesting with the stylish design of the front part of the head lamp. With its huge size makes this car more fierce typical Hyundai. Design and stern rear fog lamps are also no less interesting. For the design of the inside of a car or cabin also offers a choice of colors and materials depending on the type you choose. For its features will still be the same or standard with most inexpensive car like Power Window, AC and System Audio device steady.

For the engine the car uses 3-cylinder MPFI engine capacity of 814 cc, may issue an optimal power 56 ps at 5500 rpm rotation and optimal power untir 75 nm at 4000 rpm rotation. however elephantiasis safety features, entrusted to the air bag (air sacs) and technology braking with disc brakes abs (anti-lock brake system) on the front and the rear uses drum brakes.

New Nissan Livina Facelift 2013

New Nissan Livina Facelift 2013. News about nissan grand livina facelift version closer to Indonesia. Yes, if successful initially caught on camera in china, then on Monday (25/2) as reported by the portal honda, nissan grand livina facelift caught in kuala lumpur, malaysia.

This can be evidenced from the prototype unit was caught parked in the cargo area kuala lumpur international airport (KLIA). Deemed of outstanding pictures, grand livina exterior appearance has a truly new. His performances have headlights form a triangle with the letter v accented grille chrome. New exterior elements that exist at the muzzle of a new car in 2013 is again designed front bumper, fog lamps and air duct with a new design.

On the side of the vehicle body curve line looks still looks the same as well with the current generation. Moreover, the window is not a natural form of meaningful change. Subject are turning the rearview mirror equipped with turn signal and a rim with a more interesting motive. For the designer behind the taillight nissan Remodel currently stationed with the horizontal. Brake lights and turn signal looks circling back lights. Rear bumper is now equipped with a pair of reflector lamps.

Development variants grand livina, livina x-gear will get a new design. Caught in the middle of the unit tests to test try in malaysia. Not the same as the grand livina without any cover, x-gear appears to still use the black cloth that covered some of his body. Most likely the grand livina and livina x-gear can have a similar exterior appearance. What distinguishes the black presence in the whole car body cladding and roof rack presence.

Word got out, when nissan grand livina facelift can be released in Indonesia in March 2013.

Price All New Vios 2013 Indonesia

Price All New Vios 2013 Indonesia. The most recent appearance of the familiar vios car will be the car's cab in Indonesia will adopt Toyota Vitz exterior that has been widely marketed in Europe and Japan. Because it is a car manufacturer Toyota in designing a new car will incorporate some form or another toyota car body. So it will not be much different impression and raises its own brand or image for Toyota cars. Call it the all-new Toyota Yaris that design is also similar to the all-new Toyota Vios.

Seems to be undergoing a lot of changes on the interior and exterior sedan since the competition in the country is quite tight with many competitors from other car manufacturers such as Honda which has All New Honda Civic and the All New Honda City is no less than the design of this 2013 All New Vios. So that consumers will be more choice quality car with a competition like this.

Machine Toyota Vios 2013 will use DOHC VVT-i, 4 Cylinder 16 Valve, 1NZ-fe with a capacity of 1497 cc capable of spitting out 109 PS of maximum power at 6000 rpm rotation and a maximum power of 141 Nm untir at 4200 rpm rotation. The engine still feels strong enough to attract customers because of fuel-efficient and high-performance or recalcitrant. For the price would be under 200 million because it has a lot of cheap cars that are manufactured in Indonesia.

Mitsubishi Outlander Hybrid Indonesia

Mitsubishi Outlander Hybrid Indonesia. PT Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian (KTB) held a media gathering. And in the event of PT KTB use for mengedukasikan or revealed plans to develop electric cars Indonesia through one of his that is Mitsubishi Outlander SUV hybrid. Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV).

Although in Indonesia does not have adequate facilities to accommodate the needs of electric cars on the road like recharging the battery terminals. It does not make mitsubishi discouraged to keep introducing new car Mitsubishi Outlander hybrid is environmentally friendly because it does not have the usual exhaust emissions cars owned by gasoline or diesel. These cars are considered ideal because of the level of pollution in Indonesia is higher than in Japan, which only uses one liter of fuel for car travel as far as 67 km.

Alamsjah Rizwan, Executive Marketing Director of PT KTB commented, this variant is different from hybrid city car Mitsubishi i-MIEV ever introduced into Indonesia through donations cars to the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) some time ago, Outlander PHEV can recharge its own cell the battery when the car is in motion, without having to recharge at home or battery recharging stations.

Performance of this car when it reaches a certain speed electric motor will directly work automatically recharge the battery that will be used throughout your journey.

Rizwan said Mitsubishi PHEV seriousness in developing an electric car that has a high technology and the only one in Indonesia. Looking at the design of this car will initially intended to accommodate 5 passengers.

The next question is when this car will be released in Indonesia. But look at the price and condition of the automotive infrastructure in Indonesia seems to be quite a long time this car was officially introduced. Mitsubishi Outlander car prices are also very expensive Indonesia likely to reach for a very small family.

For information in Japanese that this car sold for 3.2 million yen, equivalent to 33 billion dollars. But because the Japanese government regulations for electric car subsidy then the price could be reduced to 29 billion alone. Well, if the car is finished in Indonesia approximately cost how much?

Best Family Cars In Indonesia

Best Family Cars In Indonesia. Ertiga Suzuki charm in Indonesia is getting upset, while at the annual event carmalls 2012-2013 local car buyers confirmed as a favorite car car consumer choice in the country. Limited memory give you freshness, polling viewers pick in the event at the open from the 16th of January to close on 16 February 2013 at 24. 00 pm.

Entered into within group car prices below Rp 250 million, Suzuki Ertiga can bend 9 competitors, including accounting for ford fiesta, nissan grand livina, Mazda2 and Honda brio.

At first Gaikindo (alloy motor vehicle industry Indonesia) said that Indonesia new car market is dominated by low compact mpv segment. It is marked by the achievement of sales during 2012 mpv then some 300 some thousand (wholesales) units of various brands in the national market.

This fact makes it difficult to ever carmall readers. Com to decide which brand as favorite vehicle below Rp 250 million. Impact and never rush in to make sure the winner on ubahors round pick.

During the first two weeks of entering the viewers round pick, prestige Suzuki Ertiga remains overshadowed in the appeal nissan grand livina. However, the third week up to four (read: close of polls), the Japanese automaker's successful show of determination.

As a result, the final day was named Ertiga Suzuki vote Rp 250 million cars very much chosen by readers carmall. Com, with a percentage difference of 47% or 2% of the strongest rivals nissan grand livina.

Suzuki Ertiga indeed continue to gain the sympathy of many Indonesian customers. Ertiga figure back so bad to dream duo-avanza xenia which was originally to be king mpv in Indonesia. Ertiga Suzuki growing popularity on the rise, while the issue of the project of making the model mazda xv-1 using the platform of Suzuki Ertiga.

Indonesian 2013 Mitsubishi truck

Indonesian 2013 Mitsubishi truck. Dominance of commercial vehicles mitsubishi back can be proved in the early 2013's. When in 2012 the other day, mitsubishi commercial vehicle sales in Indonesia reached 947 markets. 753 units, then this year pt Krama Yudha Three Diamond (KTB) as the sole holder of Mitsubishi brand in Indonesia, is optimistic overall sales of its commercial vehicles can break the 1 million units.

Figures 1 million units is the total sales of vehicles of various types since it was first introduced years. 1970.

Since 1970, commercial vehicles we've gained confidence from loyal customers. Moreover, th. 2012 then, mitsubishi commercial vehicles for the 2nd time managed to reach the market leader throughout the 42 th. Exist in Indonesia, open rizwan almasjah, executive marketing director of PT KTB, the media gathering at the house in 2013 mitsubishi Morocco, Central Jakarta, Friday (22/2) night.

According rizwan, the main cause of car sales is much desire mitsubishi commercial truck product group 2 mitsubishi colt diesel and mitsubishi fuso truck 3 groups. In 2012, mitsubishi colt diesel sales record 55. 604 units remain at home as well as easy on the lead truck segment national markets throughout 42 years.

Should be considered a positive image of the commercial vehicle mitsubishi in Indonesia indeed has stuck throughout several decades. Until now, mitsubishi could shift the competitors in its class, like a car with a truck Hino Dutro truck, isuzu elf truck with the series, with toyota dyna series as well as with hyundai mighty truck. Of all the brands competitors, market share 2nd largest commercial trucks easily in Indonesia today that Hino Dutro with a market share of 11%.

New Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.4 2013

New Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.4 2013. At the beginning of this year made a breakthrough by PT Suzuki Indonesia with the launch of the latest series of Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.4 in Indonesia. 2013 new car was introduced in South Jakarta Hotel The Dharmawangsa led by Seiji Itayama as Managing Director of SIS in front of dozens of media and the public invitation.

With the slogan of Discovery Redefine All New Grand Vitara facelift undergone some changes or latest on the interior and exterior that is not obsolete in 2013 to face competition in the Indonesian automotive market, especially to compete with the All New Honda CRV 2013 that began to dominate the market in the SUV Indonesia with record sales at the start of this year.

On the car's exterior design changes are reflected in a more stylish front headlamp with the new model is different to the old one so that it looks more fresh. Shaped front grille design also huruv "V" design fog lights and bumper looks more harmonious and typical sturdy cars suv that can gobble up all mdedan. Equipped with 18-inch wheels make this car look more fierce.

While the facelift on the interior of the car is more dominated by black color combination silver color so it looks more elegant as well as luxury. Seen some additional audio devices using a system that features a touch screen that can connect you with some gadgets such as DVD, MP3, USB, SD Card, Ipod, Ipad, Android and bluetooth and digital television.

For car safety features, New Grand Vitara 2.4 is equipped with dual SRS airbags, side impact beams, Total Effective Control Technology (TECT), as well as the braking system has been equipped with an application ABS, EBD and BA.

To meet the different tastes of different people suzuki grand Vitara 2013 offers a choice of 5 colors car is Bison Brown Pearl Metallic, Gaia Bronze Pearl Metallic, White Pearl, Silky Silver Metallic, Bluish Black Pearl Metallic and. Price New Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.4 2013 is priced On The Road (OTR) for the manual transmission (M / T): Rp. 324 500 000, - whereas for Automatic transmission (A / T): Rp. 335.5 million for the greater Jakarta area.

New Daihatsu Move 2013 New Video

New Daihatsu Move 2013 New Video. At the beginning of this year daihatsu just launched the latest generation Daihatsu Move in Japan. This car from the previous generation is quite popular in the market because of small cars claimed first that uses anti-collision safety system. With the new design of car body daihatsu move promising new driving sensation different and more attractive as well as efficient fuel consumption than the previous series.

New Move 2013 is the fifth generation of this car since it was first introduced to the market. No significant change in the form of the most brand-new car since the Model final two years ago.

This tiny vehicle can detect objects in front of a moving car suddenly. If deemed dangerous and risky latest 2013 car accident then it will automatically detect the braking. With this system in urban areas will greatly help to reduce the number of car accidents.

City car has dimensions of length 3.39 meters. Using the KF-VE engine 660 cc, with maximum power is 51 hp at 6,800 rpm engine speed and torque of 5,200 rpm. Only available CVT transmission and 4WD configurations as another option.

Judging from the shape daihatsu move car design will be a tough rival honda freed and mitsubishi mirage 2013 that was in the mini-MPV market. This year is expected to move the car daihatsu new 2013 will be coming soon in Indonesia can buy it through the general importer or direct him to Indonesia, we wait in this year.

Caring Feet Foot Car

Caring Feet Foot Car. Road conditions in Indonesia are not friendly and not many holes can lead to the age of seamless toe your car be not durable or easily damaged. Maybe some people still underestimate the problem because the effect will not be immediate and most major car still able to walk normally, but in the long run it will damage the foot on the car. Thus causing the steering system is not stable.

Damage to the car causing leg your trip interrupted by car becomes normal swing as usual when going straight or in curves, no grip and the brakes became so forth.

You do not need to take it to a repair shop to make sure the condition of the car foot is still in a state unfit for use. Check the condition of the car before it was damaged and lead to unwanted accidents. Some parts that must be examined is.

1. Wheel Bearing

The first time you have to jack up the car until the car wheels can spin freely without hindrance. Further check the wheel bearings or neck, to check it you can spin the wheel and pay close attention to the sound produced. If it does not go off the bearing condition still worth taking and if the bearing is already weak will eat terdengan rumbling sound and should be replaced immediately.

2. Shockbreaker

Shockbreaker is a per to cushion the shock that occurs in a car when crossing uneven terrain. How to check it is to pass police cars at once only sleep if his swing is still good means shockbreaker circumstances and if you swing your car many times then there is a problem in Indonesia shockbreaker new cars usually leak if it is torn or broken should be replaced immediately.

3. Tie Rod and Tie Rod Long

Is the same as checking the wheel bearings, jack your car first and make sure the wheels can move freely without hindrance. Furthermore grasp on the left and right wheel shake out and into. If terdengan klotok2 sounds and feels loose it means long tie rod and tie rod new or used car you require renewal alias needs to be replaced with a new one. Another way is to hear a klotok klotok when crossing uneven road surfaces.

4. Spooring

How to check your car by driving at 60km/hour speed with the position of the steering wheel straight. If the car at the time by itself to turn left or right, it's time for your car in spooring.

5. Car Rims

In this section examined the way you drive the car at a speed of 80 km / hour. If the speed when you vibrate the steering wheel is not in a state of balance. Especially on a used car. The solution was brought to the workshop for repair.

6. Car tires

How to check car tire is by driving your car in a speed of 60 km / h and Injaklah your car if the brake pedal when you step on the brake pedal too deep to make the car stop position it could mean the car has been damaged brake booster. Furthermore, if you step on the brake pedal a second or third time that there are different means of oil pressure brake your car is up. Another way is to hit the brakes when the car then turned to one of the left or the right side there is likely a problem with the brake calipers at the right or the left.

7. Car tires

For the most part this car tire damage is easy to find out by looking at the thickness of the tire itself. Can then be seen on the body of the tire if it happens a lot kereteakan on all sides. If so the tires are thin and it is time to be replaced with new tires. Note the tire care tips to make your car tire life is longer.

Automatic Transmission Car Care Tips

Automatic Transmission Car Care Tips. Now familiar with the car even matic transmission all new cars in 2013 will use an automatic transmission. But the type of car has a weakness and damage prone than manual transmissions. Therefore there are many points to consider when you decide to buy a car with matic transmission. Below are the easy way to check the condition of your car matic whether in good condition or are being damaged. Before deciding to buy car automatic transmission it's good to know tips on buying a used car matic transmission.

- Check the Transmission Oil Condition

It is lazy to check the transmission oil so that it is often overlooked by the owner of the car. Especially by women who often forget this and did not know much about car engines. How to check the condition of the transmission oil in a way that is turn on the engine and then check the transmission oil dipstick. See if the color has changed to a darker color or black and there is little visible with iron powder immediately replace the new oil. Invisibility of the iron powder due to the friction between some of the components are too loud in the car engine.

- Road Test

The second way is to check the road test, you move the location of the transmission gears PRND like when running the car the first time. Do it slowly and be careful historians and feel each displacement, in the event of shocks or rough pounding like a twitch, could also sound a bit noisy then it is a sign of a problem with the transmission of your new or used car. If your vehicle has matic CVT transmission should then shift gears to the other one will be very smooth without any shocks. If this occurs then immediately check the condition of your car to the mechanic you trust do not wait until your car is getting worse so the cost of repairs to be larger.

Differences and Ordinary Avanza Avanza Veloz

Differences and Ordinary Avanza Avanza Veloz. All New Toyota Avanza car has now entered the facelift version. There are some pretty good changes in the exterior and interior so it looks more fresh. But this car has two variants are similar, with the Standard Avanza Avanza Veloz. If you just glance might not know the difference or similarities Avanza and Veloz. But when examined further there are many differences of the two variants of the car in the Toyota brand.



There are grooves on the front hood and the design on the front and rear license plates to be made wider so as to show the impression of a sharp look on this car.
From the side the car looks more elongated glass with some body curvature from front to rear.
Some additional angle on the front multireflektor headlamp headlights sharpens separately.

Grile Home, Avanza E-shaped single horizontal and body color, grille also Avanza G form a single horizontal chrome, For Avanza Veloz has a front grille design concept tawong nest and memorable avanza more luxurious than other variants.
Bumper design, new design Avanza E contained in the curve of the bumper alone, Avanza G there are a few additional accessories on the fog lamps, fog lamp design Avanza Velos different from the previous two types, namely E and G.
Mirror, There is an additional side mirror turn signal on for Avanza Veloz.
Rear door, the Avanza Veloz chrome accents on the door to the back while type E and G are not.
Rear Bumper, Design for Avanza Veloz is more aerodynamic than the type E and G.
There are differences emblem mounted on the rear of the car. There are posts for Avanza Veloz Veloz.


For All Types All New Avanza 2012 has now been equipped with double blower air conditioning, adding kenyamaan driving.
Design made more ergonomic door handle with power window equipped
The existence of the bottle holder on the side doors 1 and 2.
Cabin All New Avanza Avanza and Veloz designed wider and storage of goods or luggage larger
The new design on the back of the chair is made curved front that serves to support the driver's seating position and leg room add to the comfort of passengers in row 2.
Seat or seats All New Avanza and Veloz bari to two now equipped with sliding adjustment feature

Roomy interior design and color blend with gray baige & specifically for type E and G, while for type Velos color combination of black and gray cast a sporty and luxurious look.
Audio system on all new avanza 2012 comes with 1 CD player, AM / FM, MP3 with 4 speakers (Type G), for Velos with 6 speakers, and plus USB and Aux-in devices.
Price All New Toyota Avanza New

1 All New Avanza E 1300 M / T Rp. 147,750,000
2 All New Avanza E 1300 A / T Rp. 157,950,000
3 All New Avanza G 1300 M / T Rp. 162 million
4 All New Avanza G 1300 A / T Rp. 172,700,000
5 All New Avanza G 1500 M / T Rp. 169,400,000
6 All New Avanza Veloz 1500 M / T Rp. 175,400,000
7 All New Avanza Veloz 1500 A / T Rp. 184,900,000
Essentially Veloz toyota avanza more classy look compared with other variants because avanza Avanza Veloz is the most luxurious version of the Toyota Avanza. And to be fair because for this type of price is slightly more expensive than standard.

All New Suzuki Grand Vitara, 2013, Ready to Roll In Indonesia0

All New Suzuki Grand Vitara, 2013, Ready to Roll In Indonesia0
Aulia Puspa December 07, 2012 Automotive News, SUV, Suzuki - All New Suzuki Grand Vitara New Facelift 2013. Suzuki manufacturers increasingly asserted its presence in the Indonesian automotive market, it is certainly the latest Suzuki Grand Vitara car 2013 in the next year will enter the Indonesian market. The car will be imported in the form of finished or CBU car so no longer assembled in Indonesia. To fight the current automotive market in Indonesia, including in the SUV category inevitably suzuki party must perform some recent innovations in order to win the hearts of consumers in Indonesia car with SUV Suzuki Grand Vitara offers comfort and feature extra features.

It is striking in generation 2013 Suzuki Grand Vitara is no spare tire on the back of the stern section. In the absence of a spare tire that will not burden the owner of the car when he opened the trunk door. Now the spare tire placed under the car. The exterior design of the 2013 Suzuki Grand Vitara seen many changes from the side from the front Grille, Head Lamp, Fog Lam who look more ferocious. Some combination of lines and grooves on the front of the car also makes a fresh appearance.

Can be seen on the side that is colored door handles match the car body. Do not miss a spoiler on the back and roof of the car.

Machines All New Suzuki Grand Vitara now has a fairly large cc is able to issue a 2400cc maximum power 166 hp at 6000 rpm rotation and untir capable of producing maximum power of 225 Nm at 4,000 rpm rotation. In terms of safety the latest Suzuki Grand Vitara is embedded System danggih ABS braking technology, and features ESP (electronic stability control).

For the official price of the Suzuki Grand Vitara 2013 has not been released. But chances are the price will not differ much from previous generations because of the high competition of new cars in Indonesia. Even today in Indonesia has been heavily marketed as a cheap car Daihatsu and Suzuki A Star Ayla.

Latest Price New Suzuki Karimun Estilo New and Used

Latest Price New Suzuki Karimun Estilo New and Used. This car is a concept car with a city car which is used as the successor of Suzuki cars Suzuki Karimun DX and GX whose designs are still boxes and boxes look outdated. But the matter does not vary much with the dimensions of the first generation that relies karimun small form to maneuver in the streets of Jakarta, known traffic jams and fuel efficient.

This little car is equipped with electric mirrors that can be folded just by using the buttons. Car interior look fresh with color selection begie on door trim and seat.

Price New Suzuki Karimun Estilo

Karimun Estilo M / T

Used Suzuki Karimun Estilo Price

Karimun Estilo 1.1 RPM 2007
Karimun Estilo 1.1 RPM 2008
Karimun Estilo Vxi 2009 RPM 1.1
Karimun Estilo Vxi 2010 RPM 1.1
Karimun Estilo Vxi 2011 RPM 1.1

For the kitchen runway Suzuki Karimun estilo small car relies DOHC engine with 996 cc 3-cylinder. This mechanical power can produce maximum power of 68 PS at 6,200 rpm rotation and a maximum torque of 90 nm at 3500 rpm. Not too much different from the other city car that circulated in Indonesia.

Price All New Honda Jazz New and Used

Price All New Honda Jazz New and Used. This car since its launch a few years ago has sold over 2 million units worldwide. This is not surprising given the hatchback car model is very attractive and sporty impressed. Even more on the Indonesian people who buy cars are more concerned with the appearance and style of car to buy, think about the comfort and security of the past. This does not mean that the comfort and safety of the All New Honda Jazz worse. All New Honda Jazz Gallery is Type RS and S are getting some changes such as the addition of the spoiler and the body kit makes the car look cool.

Features of the features offered countless honda jazz standard like most cars at the same price offered. Such as air bags and ABS braking system that is already in the car.

Price All New Honda Jazz RS and S

Car names

New Jazz RS A / T
New Jazz RS M / T
New Jazz S A / T
New Jazz S M / T
Used Honda Jazz price

Car Name Year

Jazz i-DSI A / T 2004
Jazz i-DSI A / T 2005
Jazz i-DSI A / T 2006
Jazz i-DSI A / T 2007
Jazz i-DSI A / T 2008
Jazz i-DSI M / T 2004
Jazz i-DSI M / T 2005
Jazz i-DSI M / T 2006
Jazz i-DSI M / T 2007
Jazz i-DSI M / T 2008
Jazz VTEC A / T 2005
Jazz VTEC A / T 2006
Jazz VTEC A / T 2007
Jazz VTEC A / T 2008
Jazz VTEC M / T 2005
Jazz VTEC M / T 2006
Jazz VTEC M / T 2007
Jazz VTEC M / T 2008
All New Honda Jazz engine uses i-VTEC engine with 1.5 liter capacity that can give off power 120 hp and a maximum engine speed 4800rpm with 5-speed transmission for Type Manual and Automatic (MT / AT).

Now Nissan March car

Now Nissan March car Appear More Style. Small car from Nissan is quite encouraging in sales in 2012. This shows the level of user interest in Indonesian car to car city car. With prices that are not too expensive this car is enough to meet your transportation needs in urban areas. Looking at the interior and exterior design cars, such as car handlednya is devoted to girls.

Nissan car design does look a little different from the other car, can be seen from the design of the cars nissan juke box out of the car look more like a robot. This is what makes cars nissan auto quite popular with consumers around the world, including Indonesia. Force carried by nissan march towards more classic car with round headlights shape and curvature curvature cars from various sides.

Excess Nissan March

Small car, so easy to drive and maneuver the narrow streets especially today who've subscribed streets jammed city streets.
With a passenger capacity a little, of course, this also makes the car more fuel efficient.
Japanese car manufacturer that is easy to look for spare parts if damaged engine components.
Shaped hatchback car that became the dream of many to the present day.

Grand New Toyota Altis car Newest Indonesia

Grand New Toyota Altis car Newest Indonesia. Toyota Altis models are sold in Indonesia in early 2010. The car is now entering the next generation with a variety of changes and additional leisure facilities equivalent premium sedan. Toyota corolla car image itself is inherent in the Indonesian automobile consumers, it is proved by corolla car sales in various regions throughout Indonesia is not small. Toyota altis is now also available for the TRD Sportivo version because the variation only to face similar competitors in the sedan segment like Honda, Nissan and Mitsubishi are constantly offering the latest innovations in the new vehicle.

The inside of the cabin of this car can carry 5 passengers with state of considerable relief. In addition to the dimensions of the car it still leaves a wide enough space for the purposes of a car trunk. So that your journey is not boring cars include DVD players, MP3, CD, WMA player with auto sound levelizer with 4 Speaker Audio, and some ornaments leather and wood interior make this car looks nice and looks futuristic. Cupholder on the center of the car can be used as a place to put your drinks so as not to spill, there is also space for the storage of documents at the center of the dashboard of a car.

On the latest car engine toyota altis engine relies on In-Line 4 Cylinder, 16 Valve, DOHC, Dual VVT-i with a capacity of 1.987cc with 153ps of maximum power at 5600rpm and maximum torque of 21.3 at 4400rpm for 3ZR-FE and capacity 1.794cc with maximum power 143ps at 6000rpm and maximum torque of 19.1 at 4200rpm for the 1ZZ-FE.

All New Toyota Altis Price Newest

New Corolla Altis 1.8 E M / T 6-speed
New Corolla Altis 1.8 G CVT
New Corolla Altis 2.0 V CVT
Not forgetting the driving safety on the All New Toyota Altis toyota equip it with modern security systems such as ABS braking system, EBD (Electronic Brake - Force Distribution) and BA (Brake asist). Air bag or air bag system that will swell the impact occurred on the front side.

Latest Price Daihatsu Ayla 2013.

Latest Price Daihatsu Ayla 2013. Daihatsu Ayla was first introduced a few months ago at the time of the exhibition IIMS in Jakarta. Japanese car company Daihatsu helped enliven the cheap car market is currently on the rise in Indonesia, because many car companies compete in this segment with Agya namely Toyota, Suzuki A-Star and Honda with the Brio. Daihatsu Ayla itself comes with 3 types of options, namely D, M and X. Has been since the days of toyota avanza xenia daihatsu both manufacturers and the car work together and plan to repeat the success-avanza xenia, Rush-Terios by presenting Agya and ayla.

New Daihatsu price Ayla

No.. Price type
1 D Rp. 75,000,000
2 M (MT) Rp. 80,000,000
3 M (AT) Rp. 90,000,000
4 X (MT) Rp. 88,000,000
5 X (AT) Rp. 100,000,000
The kitchen is tiny car racing using engines with a capacity of 1000cc does not vary much with brio honda or suzuki A-Star. By having 3 cylinders the car has been able to meet the needs of urban transportation. Car engine is not designed to travel long distances because of lack of power with only 1000 cc. For dependable fuel consumption is to a distance of 22 km per liter of gasoline.

New car Mitsubishi Mirage 2013

New car Mitsubishi Mirage 2013. This car can be reliable for you who want a car with small dimensions but not minimal features that reduce ride comfort. Mitsubishi Mirage will be the right choice to avoid a car scratched due to bad road conditions in areas like Jakarta.

The price is quite cheap for the size of the interior design of the new car does not look ancient. Distinctive front grille design owned mitsubishi trapezoidal headlamp multireflektor combined with a sharp, fog lights and front bumper. Brake lights spoiler placed on eaves stern rear make appearances car became quite classy.

In the car dashboard, there are features keyless engine start to turn on the car engine. There are also automatic climate control, audio system with Aux port, USB and remote control to open the boot automatically from a distance.

Price Mitsubishi Mirage 2013

Exceed mirage CVT
Mirage GLS CVT
Mirage GLX M / T
Latest city car from Mitsubishi's MIVEC DOHC 1,200 cc count. Crossed with a 5-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive systems (FWD), Mirage engine capable of spraying power of 77 bhp and a torque of 100 Nm.

Further to terbilan standard safety features such as cheap car beredari in Indonesian automotive market.

How to Buy a Used Car Automatic Transmission

How to Buy a Used Car Automatic Transmission. Cars with automatic transmission is easy to use but if there is damage and improper maintenance such as engine oil menggati late can be fatal. Therefore priority enough people buy cars automatic increase considering most people do not want complicated in Indonesia driving. It also occurs in the motorcycle market which experienced matic motorcycle sales increased significantly compared to a few years ago. Currently the price of a used car automatic transmission usually tend to be cheaper with a manual transmission especially if the used car is quite long due to consumer demand for cars matic long output will decrease, so the price is cheaper.

Car Buying Tips Matic

Choose automatic car under the age of 5-years
Automatic check for critical components, ranging from oil leaks and ATF inspection.
Check the transmission entity under the under the car, check the gasket or gasket leaks can be done by detecting the transmission oil melt at body transmission
ATF oil volume must also comply with the requirements and tolerance limits. Check through the dipstick in cold conditions (cool) and hot (hot). ATF oil shortage can cause damage to the transmission.
Instantaneous sound detection gear lever was moved to the position of 'D' (Drive). When the engine roared loudly unlike most, the potential damage to the bowel
Move the lever to position 'D' while keeping the brake pedal. Feel and hear his voice. Slowly off the brake pedal and let the car drove slowly. When it is still okay, continue the next step.
Do a test drive. Try to move the lever to position "R" (Reverse) aka backwards. If you feel there is a strange noise like rattling, the potential for considerable damage to the transmission. Do not take the risk to buy it, you should immediately choose another car.
But if you've got the desired matic car do not forget the regular maintenance of the car you just bought because of the good care of the car will remain comfortable digunaka and will rarely be damaged. Such as transmission oil change on time.

To change the transmission oil can be done by yourself but if you are still afraid to ask for help to the workshop. There are two ways of changing the oil in the transmission is the first automatic car, throw away the oil that is in the shelter and replace it with new oil. Secondly, drain the old oil by using oil circulation.

We recommend that if you use the second way, must use the correct way is to use the machine to drain the oil that has a feature back wash. So the oil circulation will remain intact and will still in good condition filter.

Tips on Buying a Used Car And New Car

Tips on Buying a Used Car And New Car. There is a distinct advantage when you decide to buy a new car or a used car. When you buy a new car you will be given the appearance of a car that was still fresh due to starting of the engine, body shape until the paint has not been touched. In addition you will also get a warranty and insurance. In general, the form of warranty service auto maintenance and security in the event of an accident. So no need to worry if a new car when you have an accident. The new car will also provide prestige and happiness because not everyone can afford such a car that you have. You also will get a lower interest rate than buying a used car.

However, buying a used car also has the advantage that is quite interesting. You do not need to pay expensive expensive to get the type of car you want to compare the new car will certainly cost much cheaper. Will have better luck if you are good at choosing a car, in this case can take advantage of acquaintances who know about buying and selling cars ranging from the condition and how to use it. You could just get a used car but the quality is not inferior to the new car.

Differences Buying New Car And Used Car

When you decide to buy a new car does not mean you are not careful in your selection. Conditions could be mass-produced car has some defects on the car either interior or exterior. Therefore a new car to the dealer to have Dichek back condition to actually make sure the car is in good condition.

But if you buy a used car there is no guarantee whether the car has never had an accident and getting poor care by the previous owner of the car. To avoid unwanted things carefully before buying with someone who is experienced in matters of buying and selling used cars.

It's common knowledge that if a new car resale prices will decline. But to minimize them choose a brand of car that the selling price is not too fall. With a record of your purchase to resell it, but if you buy aims to gain more comfort and facilities do not half to choose a car that likes and dislikes, as of year-over-year new car prices will continue to rise. Examples are experienced by my uncle. He bought the car new in 2007 daihatsu rush to price 140 million dollars. But in 2012 the car was sold back to the same market price, given the price of second-hand market rush in 2012 is equal to the price of a new rush 2007. So it did not hurt at all when buying a new car.

The bottom line when buying a used car you should be careful because most used cars are many in the market is not in a condition mulis, there may be disadvantages such as scratches and dents on the car body. For that consider a fair price in buying a used car.

Agya Toyota TRD Sportivo

Agya Toyota TRD Sportivo variant Most Expensive Agya. Cooperation between the Toyota cars Daihatsu in producing low-cost car in 2013 was first introduced in IIMS event a few months ago. This car attracts many visitors because of Toyota as a car brand quality by Indonesian consumers, especially toyota Agya priced at a not too expensive because it is projected as a low-cost car to compete with competitors such as Daihatsu and Suzuki A Star Ayla.

TRD stands for Toyota Racing Development presents a different look of the car with the standard version. The car look more sporty and stylish spoilers and results of some additional combinations of line and curve of the body.

In the version of the Toyota Agya TRD-S delivers an aerokit bumper with TRD S spoiler, rear spoiler bumper with a stylish design, side skirts, TRD S sticker and TRD emblems.

Price Toyota TRD Sportivo Agya itself will be priced more expensive than the standard type. If the type E and G worth 95 million dollars then toyota sportivo cars will be priced at 10-15 is more expensive at around 110 million dollars, according to the Department Manager Accesoris TAM Donny Adi Yowono.

Cheap Car Prices Toyota Agya 2013

Cheap Car Prices Toyota Agya 2013. This car is the most expensive cars toyota is still produced. But in Indonesia planned to be marketed by the end of 2012. Despite that the Toyota was able to accept reservations for a cheap car new pivot. Toyota did the research in collaboration with Daihatsu who also bring cheap cars Daihatsu Ayla 2013. They say this car will be launched in a variety of types, type E for the cheapest variant, type G for the middle class and the type of TRD Sportivo Toyota Agya to the most luxurious variant.

Agya toyota dimension is not much different from daihatsu ayla. With a length of 3600 mm and a width of 1600 mm. For type G and TRD slightly different width sizes are 1620 mm long, but has the same car. Cheap car is released into the Indonesian market in a variety of color choices are metallic blue, light blue, gray metallic, black, white, silver metallic.

The 5-door car engine relies DOHC 3 cylinder 12 valve for kitchen spur. with a capacity of 1000cc power capable of 65hp and sprayed the engine speed reaches 3600rpm speed. Toyota Agya and pertamax petrol tank with a volume of 33 liters.

Price Toyota Agya 2013

For version E, G and TRD around 80 million - 110 million. Possibility for type E cost 85 million, 95 million and the type G type TRD Sportivo 110 million.

New 2013 Suzuki Swift cars

New 2013 Suzuki Swift cars. For the first time the best-selling city car in Indonesia owned manufacturer Suzuki is introduced at the exhibition Indonesian International Motor Show (IIMS) 2012. In the event any race car manufacturer showed the race car with the latest technology to the market by luring the interest of consumers of cars in the country. In the exhibition, the Suzuki has started leaking latest generation Suzuki Swift which was named All New Suzuki Swift 2013.

"Our all-new Swift will be introduced to the public at IIMS 2012 September 20 to 30 next," said Dimelza Sharindradini Head of Public Relations of PT SIS in his press conference at IIMS 2012.

The car is powered by the same engine with a 1.4 liter Suzuki Ertiga. Surely by having the dimensions and weight of the smaller can hit fuel efficiency and can run faster than the Suzuki Ertiga. But you have to wait until next year because this time hingg All New Swift car has not been mass produced in Indonesia. Current stage of mass production is still up in Thailand.

"Although down the engine capacity of 1.5 liters to 1.4 liters, but the addition of features and exterior changes make the All New Swift 2013 more classy," added the woman who is often called Sharin this.

Price All New Swift 2013

All New Swift GL M / T Rp. 163 100 000, -
All New Swift GL A / T Rp. 174 100 000, -
All New Swift GX M / T Rp. 169 600 000, -
All New Swift GX A / T Rp. 180 600 000, -

Dimensions on the latest generation of these swift changes is longer than the all new swift 2012, so that the cabin will be more extensive and relief. Other changes are the design front grille and head lamp which is more compact and distinctive stylish young man.

Used Car Price Toyota Harrier

Used Car Price Toyota Harrier. This car is one of CBU cars circulating in Indonesia. Means CBU cars toyota harrier is imported in finished form from his home country of Japan. So this car is not assembled in Indonesia, therefore the control menu in the cabin and dashboard still exist that use Japanese. Toyota harrier entry in Indonesia there are 2 types of Harrier and Lexus RX New Toyota Harrier. To Harrier Lexus RX was launched in 2000, 2001 and 2002. As for the type New Toyota Harrier produced starting from 2003, 2004, 2005 until the end of 2008.

Excess Toyota Harrier is located within driving comfort and safety. Average used car is fairly old by the first owner because they are reluctant to sell cars toyota harrier because they feel comfortable. With a powerful engine and an easy car care makes this car interesting enough to fill your home garage. Spare parts harrier now it is not hard to find because car manufacturers Toyota as the official supplier to receive toyota harrier toyota engine repair shop in their network throughout Indonesia. Currently most car toyota car market in Indonesia is quite mastered call it all new and all new toyota fortuner toyota rush.

New Price Toyota Harrier Used

Harrier / Lexus RX 300 3.0 4 × 2 A / T 2000 150.0 Million
Harrier / Lexus RX 300 3.0 4 × 2 A / T 2001 160.0 Million
Harrier / Lexus RX 300 3.0 4 × 2 A / T 2002 180.0 Million
Harrier / Lexus RX 300 3.0 4 × 4 A / T 2000 160.0 Million
Harrier / Lexus RX 300 3.0 4 × 4 A / T 2001 170.0 Million
Harrier / Lexus RX 300 3.0 4 × 4 A / T 2002 180.0 Million
New Package Harrier 2.4 G 4 × 2 A / T 2003 315.0 Million
New Package Harrier 2.4 G 4 × 2 A / T 2004 325.0 Million
New Package Harrier 2.4 G 4 × 2 A / T 2005 350.0 Million
New Package Harrier 2.4 G 4 × 2 A / T 2006 380.0 Million
New Package Harrier 2.4 G 4 × 2 A / T 2007 410.0 Million
New Package Harrier 2.4 G 4 × 2 A / T 2008 475.0 Million
New Package Harrier 2.4 G 4 × 4 A / T 2003 340.0 Million
New Package Harrier 2.4 G 4 × 4 A / T 2008 550.0 Million
New Harrier 2.4 L Premium 4 × 2 A / T 2004 340.0 Million
New Harrier 2.4 L Premium 4 × 2 A / T 2005 380.0 Million
New Harrier 2.4 L Premium 4 × 2 A / T 2006 410.0 Million
New Harrier 2.4 L Premium 4 × 2 A / T 2007 430.0 Million
New Harrier 2.4 L Premium 4 × 2 A / T 2008 460.0 Million
New Harrier 2.4 L Premium 4 × 2 A / T 2009 550.0 Million
New Harrier 3.0 L Water-S 4 × 2 A / T 2003 310.0 Million
New Harrier 3.0 L Water-S 4 × 2 A / T 2004 350.0 Million
New Harrier 3.0 L Water-S 4 × 2 A / T 2005 380.0 Million
New Harrier 3.0 L Water-S 4 × 2 A / T 2006 500.0 Million
Machines used as a hood there are two options of 2,163 cc inline 4-cylinder 2,994 cc 140 hp and 220 hp V6. For the latter type of engine is the most commonly sought after by consumers because it has great power to conquer the rugged terrain. With the engine 4WD rear wheel will work best if the front wheels lose traction. For 2400cc version there are 3 of the most common variants, namely: 2.4 G-package, 2.4g L-package, and 2.4GL Premium. Difference from the 3 variants are just the accessories side only.

Toyota Starlet Used Car Prices

Toyota Starlet Used Car Prices. This car is a hatchback pioneer in Indonesia. At first appearance in 1970 with a box shape starlet that this car still has a lot of interesting automotive consumers in Indonesia at that time. With some changes every year the car is still able to survive and are still preferred. The proof now that hunting is still a lot of second-hand cars starlet. Besides low cost and unique shape will probably have a certain satisfaction with this car. The last car was produced in 1999. Some types of 5-year-old starlet of the year 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 is still a lot of demand.

Toyota starlet for its own category already exists in the type of manual and automatic variants of the SE and SEG.

Toyota Starlet Car Type

Standard, DX, Soleil, XL, XL Lisse, S, SE, Si, Si Limited, Canvas Top Si, Ri, Turbo R, and Turbo S. Model Ri and Turbo R is a lightweight variant berbodi for racing purposes. While the Turbo S is a strong and classy.

Price Toyota Starlet

Starlet 1.3 SE 1996 60.0 Million
Starlet 1.3 SE 1997 65.0 Million
Starlet 1.3 SE 1998 70.0 Million
SEG Starlet 1.3 1996 65.0 Million
SEG Starlet 1.3 1997 70.0 Million
SEG Starlet 1.3 1998 75.0 Million
The price is still quite expensive for the size of the used car with over 10 years of age. The first reason is the car is much sought after by consumers of middle-class cars, car care easy and not often strike was another reason this car is worth quite expensive as a used car. The second, starlet cars are sought after by the local people they purposely bought for resale in urban areas, because that is now in Jakarta is rarely encountered secondhand car toyota starlet.

Toyota NAV1 Indonesia Price And Specifications

Toyota NAV1 Indonesia Price And Specifications. MPV market in Indonesia is very tempting indeed be seen from this that the Japanese car manufacturer Toyota as an opportunity that is sweet. It has been several years this type of car as Kijang Innova MPV and Toyota Alphard is increasingly found in the streets of Indonesia. For the price range or NAV1 Toyota Noah is in the middle of Innova and Corolla so the car was issued to address the needs of consumers to obtain a more luxuri car from deer innova but the price is still below the Toyota Alphard. Toyota Nav1 issued with 2 variants of the Type V and Type G.


Broadly speaking, this car still looks like Alphard with Boxy design width. We can be sure the vehicle has a cabin which was a relief so that adds to the comfort of your family while on a long journey.

Appearance from the outside looks more luxuri with the presence of the front grille with chrome Toyota emblem Nav1 and that seemed to stand on the front.

Headlamp on the front of the projector lamp has been using so it will be safer when driving at night is foggy though. Aft rear stop lamp uses LED lights. 15 luxury alloy wheels make this car the more memorable.

There are several colors offered Toyota Noah is the White Pearl CS, Silver Metallic, Grey Metallic and Black.


Premium vehicle class facilities can be enjoyed in the cabin of the car toyota Nav1. Setting ac dual zone climate control, VIP passenger in the rear entertainment with TV, optitron combination meter design, and lower design step for easy up and down the vehicle.

Some color combinations are smooth ivory and silver will add kemewaham toyota car's Nav-1. Seating can also be rotated up to 180 degrees of swivel so it can be used as a bed.

In addition to the above features, Nav 1 also provides Navigation and Audio with 5.8-inch touch screen on the dashboard of a car. smart start system, parking sensors with rear camera, corner sensor, ABS + EBD, as well as facilities for driver and passenger airbags.


Toyota Nav 1 count 2.0L 16 VALVE DOHC engine with Valvematic technology 'that makes the maximum vehicle performance with fuel efficiency is very economical.

This car is believed to be a serious competitor MPV cars which have first paved in Indonesia such as the Mazda Biante and Nissan Serena and Nissan Evalia.

Price Toyota Nav1 378 million dollars for the type G and 398 million dollars for the type of V. Toyota Nav1 prices are already on the road price in Jakarta.

Ford Ecosport 7 Seat

Ford Ecosport 7 Seat Passengers will soon pave. An in-class car like the Nissan Juke Crossover. In the previous generation Ford Ecosport still issued with 5 passenger seats. And recently the Ford will introduce the Ford Ecosport 2013 plan that can accommodate 7 passengers around the world.

American car manufacturer is reportedly also will add a dimension of the car, but only reduces the rear luggage space in such a way that it can be used as extra seating.

Although it is not yet clear when the body shape of the Ford Ecosport 7 passengers but for machines still rely on the same engine as the previous generation 1.5-liter gasoline engine, 1.5-liter diesel and 1.0-liter Ecoboost.

Countries like Brazil will usually enjoy the first for ford 7 passenger vehicles this. Having launched in Brazil will be launched in other countries, including Indonesia.

In addition to the information that the car Ford Ecosport is actually the first time the exhibition was officially introduced at the New Delhi Auto Expo in India. With this crossover concept car has the same platform as the Ford Fiesta, Nissan Juke, Peugeot 2008 and Renault Clio which will also compete with Ford Ecosport in the future.

Hyundai Genesis Latest Generation Spyshots 2014

Hyundai Genesis Latest Generation Spyshots 2014. Korean luxury sedan manufacturer is actually still glide for 2013. But from now on, are already being developed for the year 2014 at the Hyundai plant in Germany. Recently, a photographer from Motor Trend managed to capture some images spyshot luxury sedan hyundai genesis 2014.

Although the platform still uses the concept hyundai genesis today. For a car to be issued in 2014 has received several improvements to compete with luxury sedans in the segment faces other automakers such as Toyota, Ford, Suzuki, and others.

The plan of this car will be included in the exhibition Motor show in January 2013. With the engine still relies 3.8-liter V-6 and 5.0-liter V-8. Besides a few variants of the engine are also reportedly being prepared version matic 10 speed transmission with 4WD.

In Indonesia, the embryo of a luxury sedan hyundai genesis is found in most cars hyundai santa fe that some time ago on display at IIMS 2012 in Jakarta. Strom designed with the concept of Edge makes this car look more frightening.

Used Cars In The Still Selling Price Tinggi0

Used Cars In The Still Selling Price Tinggi0
Aulia Puspa December 14, 2012 Automotive News, Used Car - Used Cars for Sale In Indonesia Still High. It has become common knowledge if it is reasonable and moving goods such as a car or a used bike price will decline. However there are some types of cars with reduced prices too fell. This could be due to the model is still preferred by masyarat. In addition, the influence of the car manufacturer issued.

As quoted from Kelley Blue Book, here are the new cars in 2013, which has remained high resale price.

1. Toyota FJ Cruiser

Price: U.S. $ 28 thousand (USD 270 million)
Resale value
- After three years: 76 percent
- After five years: 63 percent

2. Toyota Tacoma

Price: U.S. $ 18 thousand (USD 173.2 million)
Resale value
- After three years: 70.6 percent
- After five years: 57 percent

3. Jeep Wrangler

Price: U.S. $ 23 thousand (USD 221.3 million)
Resale value
- After three years: 67.6 percent
- After five years: 55.4 percent

4. Honda CR-V

Price: U.S. $ 23,500 (USD 226.1 million)
Resale value
- After three years: 64.7 percent
- After five years: 50.7 percent

5. Honda Civic

Price: U.S. $ 20 thousand (USD 192.5 million)
Resale value
- After three years: 62.5 percent
- After five years: 46.9 percent

Some cars above may be quite familiar in your ears for the automotive market in Indonesia is quite extensive, and we often see some cars with the former selling price is still high.

SUV Mazda CX 3

SUV Mazda CX 3 Central 2013 Prepared To Compete Nissan Juke. Toward the end of 2012 this party was heavily mazda new cars to prepare them as competitors and ford cars nissan juke echosport in the category of car with body look futuristic. Indeed, the design nissan juke like out of the box like most cars that berdar in Indonesia. SUV Mazda CX 3 will use the basis of the All New Mazda 2.

Design will be combined with the shape of the car such as the Mazda CX 5 on the front grille, bumper and engine. For the design of the front and rear lights more oriented to the mazda 6.

Because it is still in the preparation stage, the possibility of the fastest new car mazda will be completed in 2014. And will go on sale the next few months.

Although still in the development stage, it is expected the latest car mazda will use the latest technology such as Sky Activ and other latest technologies such as to save fuel and are more environmentally friendly engines. Mini SUVs for engine of Mazda CX3 uses diesel with a capacity of 1.6 liters. Additionally CX 3 also have the option of a 1.3 liter turbo petrol engine.

Price All New Nissan Serena 2013

Price All New Nissan Serena 2013. Latest Nissan cars to MPV segment again arrived in Indonesia. This time the culprit is the all new nissan serena new one a few months ago paved in Indonesia. The latest generation nissan serena slide with two variants of the type X and type Highway Star. Like the others who have a nissan car emblem is Grand Livina Highway Star which would offer more luxury features than the standard type.

There are some changes in this latest MPV nissan additional body lines on the front side to the back side of the firm. And car shows this is a solid vehicle. With a design that is more futuristic digital instrument panel seen from the blue green. Echo mode is a feature that can be used to save fuel consumption nissan serena, especially when you're stuck in traffic like in Jakarta. And uses 16-inch alloy wheels make this car look more compact with large dimension.

All New Nissan Serena which comes with the codename C26 has 6 color options namely, Light Green, red, maroon, black, white, silver, and gray.

Price All New Nissan Serena 2013: 370-390 million dollars, sold en masse in January 2013.

2013 Subaru BRZ Sports Car Indonesia.

2013 Subaru BRZ Sports Car Indonesia. The design looks very similar to the Toyota 86 Hachiroku the mid-2012 began to slide in Indonesia yesterday. Indeed Subaru BRZ is a twin of the Toyota 86, Subaru part is invited to work with Toyota to create a successor to the legendary sports car Toyota AE86.

Subaru BRZ in use 1,998 cc engine that is configured with boxer. Engine is almost similar to the V configuration but it has an angle of 180 degrees so it looks flat. This is typical output subaru car that makes the car with the lowest point of making it look flat.

Subaru BRZ handling is also very special. Symptoms of dizziness in the car when driving in high speed also does not look at this car. Steering movement is also soft, very smooth to create a beautiful drift motion.

Subaru BRZ only takes 9 seconds to reach speeds of 100 km / h from a standstill. A sensation when driving a sports car subaru's.

Subaru BRZ marketed with two types of automatic and manual. Although the automated system control of the car more comfortable and easier does not make the price becomes more expensive. Precisely the automatic version 40 million cheaper than the manual version.

Subaru BRZ price Indonesia

BRZ 2.0i A / T
BRZ 2.0i M / T
Fuel consumption is wasteful Subaru BRZ unaccounted for class sport sedan car with high speed. In urban conditions can cover a distance of 9.8 km per liter. And if driving on a straight track as toll roads can be doubled at 16 km per liter.

Cheap Used Cars for Under 50 Million

Cheap Used Cars for Under 50 Million. If you only have a budget of 50 million to buy a car do not worry to choose some pretty decent cars to choose from in the used car market. But if you want a new car with a budget of that size would probably be difficult to materialize. Surely a car that has not been in his time despite having a good design and technology will depreciate with age. Due to variations of similar cars already have appeared on the market and a lot of consumer interest. Below there are several used car under 50 million eligible to be selected. Cars from Japanese manufacturer and Korea.

(Also Read: List of Used Cars Under 30 Million)

Japanese cars

For many Japanese car manufacturer because the product of Japan will be selling well in Indonesia compared to products originating in Korea.

1994 deer
Toyota Starlet 1992
Honda Accord 1992
Daihatsu Espas 1995
Suzuki Katana
Mitsubishi Kuda, 2000 (70 Millions)
Daihatsu Taruna, 2000 (70 Millions)
96-97 deer (70 Millions)
Daihatsu Xenia 2004 (80 Millions)
Toyota Corolla
Mazda Vantren 1993 (20 Millions)
Korean cars

Hyundai Atoz in 2000 (50 million)
Kia Visto 2000 (50 Million)

Europe -> 91-95 Bmw 318 years, Opel Blazer in 96-200, 96-2000 Peugeot 406 years, Mercy Tiger
Japan -> Lancer Evo 91-95, 90-93 ACORD, etc.
Japan -> Espas/Ts120ss/carry years 95-2004, Jimny 90-98, Esteem 94-95, 94-95 Charade, etc..
Place alive can be seen that the Japanese car manufacturer more attractive to consumers homeland. This is because branding a better Japanese cars in the country. But now the Korean manufacturer's new car can not be underestimated, such as Hyundai which often get awards in Europe and America.

All New Chevrolet Captiva Indonesia

All New Chevrolet Captiva Indonesia. Diesel and petrol engined cars owned Chevrolet is already becoming known in Indonesia in recent years into the automotive market homeland. 7 passenger SUV is pretty tough in all fields. With the dimensions of the car are wider promising relief in the cabin. In overall the car is very suitable as a family car because of its convenience.

Exterior design

Recent All New Captiva has an exterior that is not much different from the previous model. Design of combination grille, headlights and bumper headlamp multireflektor very compact. Fog lights also colored matching the color of the front bumper. With additional beberapat line and body kit and spoiler on the side of the car shows the trend in 2013. There are 6 color choices that you can enjoy that, Switchblade silver, royal gray, alpine white, auburn brown, black sapphire and pearl white.

Interior design

The interior of the car has a comforting space and seats wrapped in leather from quality materials will pamper you the way in the car. Rear seats can also be folded as additional space for car trunk. Many instrument panel to allow you to drive and is located in an accessible position. Safety features are obtained comparable with the price offered as SRS Airbag System and ABS braking system.

Price All New Captiva Indonesia

SS Captiva 2.0 VCDi Diesel A / T
SS Captiva 2.0 VCDi Diesel A / T AWD
SS Captiva 2.0 VCDi Diesel A / T Prime
Captiva SS 2.4 M / T
Captiva SS 2.4L A / T

Recent times Captiva cars still rely on diesel engine capacity 2000cc DOHC, Common Rail Direct Injection, Variable Geometry Turbocharger with Intercooler. Capable of producing maximum power of 163 hp at 3800 rpm rotation and then a maximum torque of 360 Nm at 2,750 rpm rotation, only for front-wheel drive.

Subaru Pleo Plus Starting Marketed in Japan

Subaru Pleo Plus Starting Marketed in Japan. Because Subaru is a subsidiary of Toyota makes some output subaru car model is almost similar to the Toyota. An example is the Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86, except that there is also the Daihatsu Mira e: S that was launched some time ago was the brother kembaru Toyota Pixis Epoch. Do not forget also the collaboration of Toyota Avanza and Daihatsu Xenia.

Aligned with the Mira e: S is relying on fuel economy. By using 3-cylinder engine capacity of 600 cc can give power 51 Dk with a torque of 60 Nm.

By implementing the latest technology Start Stop System with CVT transmission makes the car new in 2013 is very economical in fuel affairs. Daihatsu party itself claims 1 liter of gasoline to travel a distance of 30 km.

For the exterior design very similar to the Daihatsu Mira e: S and Toyota Pixis Epoch. But that does not mean there is no difference at all. There is a difference in the colors used on the front grille. Subaru Pleo Plus chrome accents for the front grille.

There are several types offered by the Subaru, namely: type E, ​​F, L, FA, and LA are present in the interior of the instrument panel is dominated by the color yellow. As for the type G and GA have the instrument panel is dominated by the color blue and there is the Eco Power Generation Control to monitor the speed of the car.

Subaru Pleo Plus also offers Echo Drive Assist feature that can alert the driver to drive more efficiently through the LCD in the dashboard.

PLEO latest car subaru is still marketed in Japan is not yet known this car will get to Indonesia. Maybe if it gets to Indonesia this car will have a different name.