Friday, June 21, 2013

Cheap Car Indonesia 2013

Cheap Car Indonesia 2013. Unpleasant news about the return policy cheap car encounter a new round in mid-February 2013, the ms after hidayat as erindustrian minister on Sunday (17/2) say if the low emission carbon regulation project (LECP) bln desired end. It has existed in the state secretariat (State Secretariat).

When this is realized, then more or less 300. 000 units Agya - ayla is ready for production. Amelia tjandra as marketing director of PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM), which we call service via bbm say when regulation lecp minister living awaits hand signals, hand signals for sby afterwards.

Interesting then monitored, if lecp get out, because the rivals lined toyota ayla and Agya seems no longer waiting time. Anyone whether they, our predictions are:

1. Datsun Lada Kalina

Party PT Nissan Motor Indonesia (nmi) is indeed called the Datsun was due to be released th new. 2014. The question is simple, if regulation lecp then passed the end of February, if the nmi be waiting that long?

When referring to the genre of design, then the newfangled kalina pepper Datsun hatchback is very fitting emissary to confront the dominance of Toyota and Daihatsu Agya ayla.

2. Tata Nano

Although no longer as cheap as its price in india the range of numbers rp 30 million, according to our sources at IIMS 2012 when its price is in the range of Rp 50 million - Rp 70 million. Variant in question - called one among the world's cheapest car has a design which is indeed less common for Indonesian people's tastes, but at a price equivalent to the Kawasaki Ninja 250, the customer may be able to take into account the carrying capacity and protection from heat and rain to make a child's beloved wife.

3. Honda Brio

Although not yet revealed anything about their data profile, but the PT Honda Prospect Motor has affirmed if it can play in the car segment LCGC. Because cheap honda car variant is very desirable to boost sales exceeded 100 honda. 000 units in Indonesia on th. 2013's. Worth the wait if honda brio engined variants 1, 2-liter as well as in india thailand, or something based on the development of new honda brio.

4. Suzuki Alto

In tune with the honda, the PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales (sis) says when it is ready by LCGC regulations since 2009 years. Then. Endro nugroho as marketing director says suzuki pt terms already known among her portfolio as well as effective compact car manufacturer in the fuel. Although thus suitable prisipalnya appeal in Japan, he has not been able to give more info on this subject.

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