Friday, June 21, 2013

Best Family Cars In Indonesia

Best Family Cars In Indonesia. Ertiga Suzuki charm in Indonesia is getting upset, while at the annual event carmalls 2012-2013 local car buyers confirmed as a favorite car car consumer choice in the country. Limited memory give you freshness, polling viewers pick in the event at the open from the 16th of January to close on 16 February 2013 at 24. 00 pm.

Entered into within group car prices below Rp 250 million, Suzuki Ertiga can bend 9 competitors, including accounting for ford fiesta, nissan grand livina, Mazda2 and Honda brio.

At first Gaikindo (alloy motor vehicle industry Indonesia) said that Indonesia new car market is dominated by low compact mpv segment. It is marked by the achievement of sales during 2012 mpv then some 300 some thousand (wholesales) units of various brands in the national market.

This fact makes it difficult to ever carmall readers. Com to decide which brand as favorite vehicle below Rp 250 million. Impact and never rush in to make sure the winner on ubahors round pick.

During the first two weeks of entering the viewers round pick, prestige Suzuki Ertiga remains overshadowed in the appeal nissan grand livina. However, the third week up to four (read: close of polls), the Japanese automaker's successful show of determination.

As a result, the final day was named Ertiga Suzuki vote Rp 250 million cars very much chosen by readers carmall. Com, with a percentage difference of 47% or 2% of the strongest rivals nissan grand livina.

Suzuki Ertiga indeed continue to gain the sympathy of many Indonesian customers. Ertiga figure back so bad to dream duo-avanza xenia which was originally to be king mpv in Indonesia. Ertiga Suzuki growing popularity on the rise, while the issue of the project of making the model mazda xv-1 using the platform of Suzuki Ertiga.

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